Aliens: Colonial Marines - Trophy List + Secret Trophy [PS3]

Aliens: Colonial Marines - Trophy List + Secret Trophy [PS3]


Here is the list of Aliens: Colonial Marines Playstation 3 Trophies

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum



Another day in the marines
Complete Support Request
I have a bad feeling
Complete The Fall of the Sulaco
Said the crow
Complete The Crow
We have work to do
Complete The Bastion
La drag queen
Complete House
Short, targeted bursts
Defeat all xenomorphs in the Sulaco hangar without letting them cross the barrier
Quick evacuation
Prepare the emergency charges and escape in under 2:30 in The Fall of the Sulaco
Mostly they come at night ...
Find Newt's doll
A simple recruit
Complete Hope at Hadley's
Useless alarm
Complete One Bullet Without Sounding the Alarm
Monstrous feat
Defeat the Raven in under 1:10 on Soldier difficulty or higher
Bye guys
Dismember two enemies at the same time
Field promotion
Reach rank 2 as a marine
Powerful and stinking
Reach rank 20 as a marine
Up to the dovecote
Find an identification tag
A personal friend of mine
Find a legendary weapon
Another insect hunt
Complete a challenge
Cold blood!
Complete an entire category of challenges
I already feel safer
Have another player join your party
Well, don't rule me out!
Revive a companion
Ready to roast the planet
Modify a marine's equipment
Structural perfection
Change the abilities of a xenon
Perfect war machine
Upgrade each Skill slot for a xenon class
Goodbye standard model!
Upgrade all slots on a weapon
Majority shareholder
Spend 30 praise
I heard
Collect all 12 audio diaries
No access
Kill 10 xenon passing through the ducts
Now stop!
Kill 10 xenon in one match with the M56A2 smartgun
Only one deck of cards is missing
Prepare a UA 571-C surveillance turret
Micro-variations in the air
Locate 100 enemies with the motion detector
But it is a dry heat
Kill 3 enemies with a U4 Incendiary Grenade
Take this!
Kill a xenomorph with a shotgun at close range
They come out of the walls!
Kill a xenon that climbs the walls or ceiling
Secretion of what?
Kill 5 spittoons without being touched by acid
Anywhere and anytime
Kill a Crusher without taking damage
Love at first sight
Survive a melee with a facehugger
Almost ... but not quite
Save a companion from a close encounter
Abandon ship
Complete all levels of the Campaign on any difficulty
Not bad for a human
Complete all levels of the Campaign on Commando difficulty
In memory of the fallen
Collect all 35 identification tags
I want it close at hand
Collect all 6 legendary weapons
Medal of Honor
Complete all challenges
I see you for how I feel
Upgrade all of your marine's Appearance slots
Upgrade each Appearance slot once for a xenon class
Then I know how to get by
Purchase all upgrades for a weapon
No offense
Battle a xenon in melee as it swoops down on you
To be arbitrarily exterminated
Kill 2179 xenomorphs
Tough and cutting edge
Complete all levels of the Campaign on Deadly difficulty
Long live the Marine Corps!
Reach rank 60 as a marine
Platinum trophy
Earn all trophies


Aliens Secret Trophies: Colonial Marines

Easter egg
Find the Easter egg

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