Assassin's Creed 3 - How to Complete the Common Man's Encyclopedia

    Assassin's Creed 3 - How to Complete the Common Man's Encyclopedia

    Assassin's Creed 3 - How to Complete the Common Man's Encyclopedia


    In Assassin's Creed 3 at the beginning of sequence 6 you will receive a particular secondary mission from Achilles. To proceed in this side-quest you will have to take snapshots from the everyday life of the various artisans present on the farm, in order to complete "the common man's encyclopedia".

    In addition to allowing you to complete this mission, the long work will also yield an Objective / Trophy:

    An extraordinary man - Complete the Encyclopedia of the Common Man.

    As mentioned at the beginning this mission will start in Sequence 6. Remember that some of the craftsmen or workers to be included in the encyclopedia will only become available on the farm towards the end of the game, so I recommend that you start working on them only after you have completed the missions of the held and recruited all artisans (follow the guide to recruiting artisans).

    When you have them all, visit them and you will have the opportunity to scan them while they carry out their duties (using the viewfinder that is used to lock enemies) and capture the moment in which they perform particular actions that will make up the various entries of the encyclopedia. Below you can see which actions need to be captured for each type of craftsman and worker.

    Assassin's Creed 3 - How to Complete the Common Man's EncyclopediaAlthough different actions are indicated for each worker, it seems that it is not necessary to capture all of them to complete the encyclopedia, but only 3 should be enough for each craftsman.

    Here is a video and then the complete list with the actions known to date:


    Read the paper
    Playing bowls
    Use the saw
    Splitting a trunk
    Unload the wagon
    Sharpen the ax
    Check / Load the wood.

    Planing the wood / chair
    Discuss with a customer
    Check the fence
    Repair a beam
    Sawing the wood
    Sharpen tools

    Innkeeper (Host):
    Roasting a deer
    Shoveling the hay
    Lazing behind the counter
    Squeeze the apples
    Change the barrels
    Slaughter a pig
    Change the bottles
    Take measures
    Press the grapes
    Cut the meat
    Whipping the bull
    Making a spit

    Dig with the pickaxe
    Light a lantern
    Evaluate the rocks
    Repair a beam
    Sharpen tools

    Farmer (farmer):
    Working the linen
    Plucking a chicken
    Taking care of bees
    Feed the chickens
    Shoveling the hay
    Plowing the field
    Milking the cow
    Prepare the butter
    Harvest the wheat

    Skinning a deer
    Set traps
    Clean the musket
    Roasting a hare
    Trading leathers
    Sharpen tools
    Shooting with the musket at the game
    Cook the food on a spit

    Shoe a horse
    Unload the wagon
    Add a metal ring
    Forging iron
    Sharpen the ax
    Build / repair a wagon wheel

    Trading leathers
    Discuss with a customer
    Take measures
    Check the chair
    Wash clothes

    Read a newspaper
    Playing bowls
    Collect the herbs
    Taking measurements with Ellen
    Discuss with a customer.
    Take care of the herbs in the garden behind the house
    Read on a tree stump

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