Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Asgard Riches Guide (Ymir Tears)

Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Asgard Riches Guide (Ymir Tears)

Asgard contains 30 Riches in Assassin's Creed Valhalla, this guide will help you to get them all in the license plate work Ubisoft, our review at the following link. Two collectibles dedicated to wealth are lost (to be exact number 12 and 13 in Jotunheim), so we recommend that you collect everything as you cross the regions to level up.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Wealth Collectibles come automatically marked with gold icons on the world map during the synchronization of the high points. Wealth includes the following types of collectibles: ingotsequipmentabilitymaterials. These are usually crates containing equipment and items used to upgrade Eivor. Finding all wealth items is required to complete all territories and get the result. Hoping that the text will be useful to you, we refer you to our specific section, containing new guides on Assassin's Creed Valhalla. However in this portion of the game you will find only Tears of Ymir.

Eager to find all the Riches in the game? You can access our specific text via this link.

Before leaving you to the text, we remind you that in the following lines you may find some major or minor spoilers on Assassin's Creed Valhalla, regarding some playful sections and the narrative sector. We therefore advise you to continue carefully before completing the game in its entirety.

1 - Ymir's Tear 

After performing the leap of faith into the pool from the sync point, head left to find an opening. Go down and dive to reach a new area called Ivaldi's Forge. From the pool, find a crevice in the wall that you can slide from.

2 - Ymir's Tear 

From the location of the previous Tear, make your way up the hanging platform and hit the lock to drop the ladder.

3 - Ymir's Tear 

Head to the Bifrost and jump into the water below. From that position dive to find an underwater opening.

4 - Ymir's Tear 

This crate is hidden behind a flimsy wall, but you need a jar of oil to make it explode. The oil jar is sitting on a wooden boat under a marble bridge. Use the logs and pieces of the statues on the water to pick it up and place it near the wall. Then, shoot an arrow to blow up the wall.

5 - Ymir's Tear 

From the previous Lacrima go left, you should come across a ladder that will lead you to the chest.

6 - Ymir's Tear  

From the small square, go down to find some temple ruins and a crack in the wall that you can walk through. Walk the rope to get to the chest but be quick as the area is poisoned.

7 - Ymir's Tear

After performing a leap of faith into the pool from the sync point, go right and look up. You should notice an overhead rope that you can walk on.

8 - Ymir's Tear 

North of Indre Holm is an underwater access point that takes you to the location of the chest. On the way, move the spokes on the compasses to find the chest.

9 - Ymir's Tear 

This Tear will be obtained throughout the story.

10 - Ymir's Tear 

Go behind the house and shoot the flimsy wooden window to access this chest.

11 - Ymir's Tear 

Climb the large tree by the lake to access an aerial rope. Walk on it to reach the chest.

12 - Ymir's Tear 

In Trollton, at the top of the tower. You will have to go around the ice tower to get to this chest.

13 - Ymir's Tear 

In plain sight, near a bonfire.

14 - Ymir's Tear 

Near the location of the previous Wealth is a wall of brittle ice. Break the ice with an arrow and head left into the crevice of the wall. In this new area, on the far right is a hidden passage that leads to some metal bars. From here, you can shoot the oil jar on the other side. So, go back the way you came and go right, then right again to slide under the wall and access the chest.

15 - Ymir's Tear 

From the position of the previous Tear, take a jar of oil and slide back to where you came from, but this time continue forward. Place the jar near the wall, shoot it to blow up the wall and access the chest.

16 - Ymir's Tear 

Near a tiny island, on a wrecked lifeboat.

17 - Ymir's Tear 

At the Well of the Urdr do not throw yourself in. Instead, proceed towards the ray of light and when you come to a cave that glows with sunlight, look up to the right and you will see the chest on a ledge.

18 - Ymir's Tear 

At the Well of the Urdr, from the previous location of the Tear, go back the way you came and this time go down into the well. Dive into the water and resurface to find the chest.

19 - Ymir's Tear 

This chest is underwater, swim in the exact direction of the indicator to find it.

20 - Ymir's Tear 

Near the hole in the wall where the chest indicator shines is another hole from which you can shoot an arrow to destroy the oil cans below and access the area.

21 - Ymir's Tear 

There is a hole in the rock face from which you can access.

22 - Ymir's Tear 

This chest is unlocked after completing the second Asgard mystery.

23 - Ymir's Tear 

From the sync point, take a leap of faith into the haystack, then another into the pond below. Once inside the cave, redirect the light rays so that the last ray can hit a compass. Then, drop down into the water below to access the chest.

24 - Ymir's Tear 

In Utangard Chasm, in plain sight. However, a key is required to open it. The key is owned by one of the enemies found beyond the crack in the wall in the surrounding area.

25 - Ymir's Tear 

In Utangard Chasm, go back to the crevice area and use the stairs to go up. Then, turn around and walk through the ruins until you can spot a flimsy wooden platform. Go down the hole to find the chest.

26 - Ymir's Tear 

Go through the crack to find some moving platforms that open the way to the chest.

27 - Ymir's Tear 

There are some oil cans next to the Tear Beacon. Grab one and go through the pillars to reach a destructible wall, behind which is the chest.

28 - Ymir's Tear 

To the right of the Heimdall Tower, at the bottom on a beach.

29 - Ymir's Tear 

To the right of the Bifrost there is a secret passage on the side of the mountain. Keep going until you see a fork. At that point, go right and you should see some wooden platforms. On the other side there are some jars of oil. Grab one and drop down, place it near the pit and hit it to blow it up and reveal the chest.

30 - Ymir's Tear 

At the affected arena, keep going straight until you see a crack in the wall. Move the platform and push right again.

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