Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Cent Artifacts Guide

Assassin's Creed Valhalla, another chapter of the branded saga Ubisoft, sees within its structure (review at this link) a really important number of collectibles, which are divided both by type and by region. In this specific guide, we will show you where to find all Manufactured goods in the Cent region.

Hoping that the text will be useful to you, and that you will successfully recover all the Artifacts. we refer you to our specific section, containing new guides on Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

Ready to find all the Artifacts in the game? You can find them in the guide accessible at the following link.

Before leaving you to the text, we remind you that in the following lines you may find some major or minor spoilers on Assassin's Creed Valhalla, regarding some playful sections and the narrative sector. We therefore advise you to continue carefully before completing the game in its entirety.

1 - Cursed Symbol

Climb to the high side of the pole.

2 - Roman artefact

In the Lolingestone Bandit Camp, climb up through a hole in the roof.

3 - Roman artefact 

On the top of a column, you will need to move some stones.

4 - Cursed Symbol

On a platform, above a tree, to give you an advantage in the shot. Go to the pole to the east, climb the rope. Continue up the climb, jump to another pole, continue and transfer to the rope to the east, continue and do the same for the south. You will be able to shoot after reaching the last pole and turning around.

5 - Flying Card

On a rope above the church of Saint Martin, keep following it.

6 - Roman artefact

Close to Wealth 23, here the guide.

7 - CFlying limb

You will start the chase on a pole near a cabin in Cantebury.

8 - Fragment of Rigsogur 

In the Cantebury basement.

9 - Roman artefact

Shoot the lock from the window.

10 - Map of the Treasure Seeker

Same location as the ninth Artifact.

11 - Flying Pages

Keep following it, you will also have to go underwater.

12 - Cursed Symbol

Take a vase and throw it at the center of the altar, continue until it breaks.

13 - Cursed Symbol

Climb on a tall stone to break it.

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