Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Lincolnscire Riches Guide

Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Lincolnscire Riches Guide

Assassin's Creed Valhalla, twelfth chapter of the famous series Ubisoft, is finally available! The game, of which you can find the review at the following link, is divided into different regions, each with different collectibles. In this guide we will explain where to find the riches of Lincolnscire, one of the regions that make up England.

Riches include different collectibles such as ingotsequipmentability materials. The region of Lincoln exit it contains 18 of them. Hoping that the text will be useful to you, we refer you to our specific section, containing new guides on the game.

Eager to find all the Riches in the game? You can access our specific text via this link.

Before leaving you to the text, we remind you that in the following lines you may find some major or minor spoilers on Assassin's Creed Valhalla, regarding some playful sections and the narrative sector. We therefore advise you to continue carefully before completing the game in its entirety. 

1 - Ingot

Near Lindsey Mill, you will find a chest inside a house, but the door will be closed. To enter you will need to get the key, located to the left of the building, next to some sticks.

2 - Equipment

However, in one of the enemy camps, the chest will be closed. The key is in possession of one of the guards, kill him and you can open the house and get the equipment.

3 - Equipment

In an area manned by enemies.

4 - Ingot

In the same area as the previous wealth, kill the Yeoman to get the ingot.

5 - Skills

This Knowledge Book is located behind a closed door. Climb to the roof and destroy the wooden barricade. At this point, set fire to the wall to enter a secret area where there is a platform. Interact with the latter to get the key.

6 - Ingot

This ingot is located underground, in an area accessible via a cave. Head to the enemy area to find the chest.

7 - Equipment

In the same area as the previous wealth.

8 - Skills

Inside the Bolingbroc Castle, in an area manned by some enemies.

9 - Ingot

In the same area as the previous wealth, kill the enemy Goliath and loot his body.

10 - Equipment

In the first section of the castle, in a small area protected from enemies.

11 - Ingot

In Skegi's Beard there is an enemy who carries the key to open a chest. Kill him and open the chest to get the ingot.

12 - Ingot

Kill the crossbow-wielding enemy in possession of the key (you can use the Eye of Odin to identify him). Loot the body, interact with the platform near the wall and open the chest in the same area to get the ingot.

13 - Ingot

At the base of a tower in a strong enemy.

14 - Ingot

This chest is inside a house, but the door is closed. Kill the two enemies near the dock and swim to the adjacent boat, where the key is.

15 - Equipment

In an enemy area, you will find a hut whose door is locked. Use the Eye of Odin to identify the enemy holding the key.

16 - Materials

Complete the raid.

17 - Materials

Complete the raid.

18 - Materials

Complete the raid.

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