Battlefield 1: guide to unlock all multiplayer weapons [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]

    Battlefield 1: guide to unlock all multiplayer weapons [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]

    Battlefield 1: guide to unlock all multiplayer weapons [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


    In this guide we see how to unlock all the weapons of the Multiplayer mode of Battlefield 1.

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    As in previous chapters of the series, Battlefield 1 also offers a great arsenal of weapons for players to choose from, each with its own pros and cons. Before understanding which ones are your favorites, players must first unlock each weapon, then proceed with the purchase of the ones they want to use.

    How to unlock new weapons and equipment

    Also in Battlefield 1, players will have to progress through the game's class system to unlock the various weapons. There are four classes available, each with their own set of weapons to unlock and use.

    The four classes in question are Assault, Medic, Support and Scout (sniper). Each class has its own list of unique weapons related to the class they belong to. For example, the Assault class focuses on close combat with enemy infantry and vehicles, so players who belong to this class are given different types of explosives and submachine guns.

    The thing to note is that, unlike previous Battlefields, in addition to your player's global level (which has always been there), in Battlefield 1 there is also a level related to each specific class.

    In order to unlock the full range of weapons for each class in Battlefield 1, players will then need to level up in that particular class by playing games, getting kills, and completing game objectives related to the class they play with (for more details, refer to the guide to earn XP and level up quickly in Battlefield 1) .

    Of course, the weapons of a particular class will only be available to players who choose that class. This implies that players must determine which weapons are most interesting, and then level up in the associated class.

    Some weapons are obviously available immediately to be able to start playing, while most of the weapons are unlocked by reaching level 3 of the class to which they belong. In the end, there are unique and very valuable weapons that are unlocked by reaching level 10 (maximum) of the class they belong to.

    After unlocking the weapons players will need to purchase the weapons before they can use them.

    How to buy weapons

    Unlike Battlefield 4 where players can use weapons immediately after unlocking them, Battlefield 1 adopts an unlocking system similar to Battlefield Hardline and requires players to purchase the weapons they want to use after unlocking them.

    To buy weapons players will need to earn War Bonds, which is the in-game currency that is obtained by leveling up in multiplayer. With each new player level reached, 90 war titles or more are earned. All unlockable weapons and gear require players to spend a certain amount of these War Bonds which varies from weapon to weapon.

    How to choose the best weapons

    With this purchase mechanism, players will therefore have to choose very carefully the weapons to buy because the chances of unlocking more weapons than it is possible to buy are very high.

    Unfortunately, there is no way for players to try out multiplayer weapons before buying them, so it can happen that you spend credits to get a shotgun only to find out later that it doesn't fit your style of play.

    The only way to get a feel for the different weapons in the game is to play the single player campaign. By completing the story missions, in fact, it is possible to try the various weapons of the game and then decide which ones to unlock first in the online multiplayer mode.

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