Battlefield 1: tricks to earn XP and level up quickly [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]

Battlefield 1: tricks to earn XP and level up quickly [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


In this guide we see how to level the Battlefield 1 character, weapons and vehicles.

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First of all, it is important to understand how leveling works in Battlefield 1. In the new chapter of the series we find a progression system that we could define as an "umbrella" as it is linked both to the character, but also to the four multiplayer classes and vehicles. The first thing to know, therefore, is that if you want to level up a specific class or vehicle, you must try to play with that particular class or use that particular vehicle as much as possible during the multiplayer matches of Battlefield 1.

Once you have chosen a favorite class to level, you have to then focus on the Medals during multiplayer matches. Medals are weekly challenges that players can select for each different class, completing these challenges will reward you in the form of XP Bonus points. As a result, players who focus on earning these medals level up faster than those who don't, but medals aren't the only way to earn bonus experience points in Battlefield 1.

Another way is to always choose a team to join and play for it. Pay close attention to this point, because often the game throws you into the game without joining a team. In the respawn screen, click the "square" button up on PS4 / "X" on Xbox One to access the squad screen and enter one with available seats. With this simple trick you can get many additional XP: when your teammate selects you as a spawn point you will earn XP, when you heal a teammate you will get more XP than any other player and so on.

To make the leveling process even faster, it's good focus more on objective game modes as a conquest, operations and above all Mastery (the latter mode has shorter games, which means a lot more end-of-game XP per hour played). Objective modes are preferable as completing the game objectives will earn much more important XP rewards than those obtained in the classic Deathmatch where basically only kills are worth.

Remember this is NOT Call of Duty, don't think too much about the Kills / Deaths ratio and focus as much as possible on goals and serving the team. So it is crucial to keep an eye on and follow the squad leader's orders that appear on the screen, revive teammates, distribute ammunition, mark enemies, repair vehicles, etc., because only in this way you will gain huge amounts of experience points in each game. .

The final advice, whatever the type of game you choose to play, is that it always remains fundamental stay in the game until the end of the game, in order to increase the XP bonus multipliers that are built from game to game.

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