Beyond: Two Souls - Trophy List + Secret Trophies [PS3]

Beyond: Two Souls - Trophy List + Secret Trophies [PS3]


Here is the list of Beyond: Two Souls Playstation 3 Trophies

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum


WARNING! It is available there guide to unlock all Beyond Two Souls Trophies.


Two souls
You started a scene in Co-op mode.
All the endings
You've seen all the endings.
Beyond Two Souls Dominated
Collected all trophies!


Beyond Secret Trophies: Two Souls

Somebody else?
You used Aiden for the first time.
You stopped the experiment voluntarily.
You have done 3 bad deeds with Jodie and Aiden.
Practice with entities
You defeated the entities with Aiden.
You forgave Jodie's father.
You are not my father
You choked Philip using Aiden.
You taught 3 or more kids a lesson or burned down the house with Aiden.
Cold blood
You didn't impress or scare the guys with Aiden.
Forever together
You protected Jodie from the attackers.
Closed portal
You closed the condenser portal.
Total communication
You communicated with all the corpses in the condenser area.
Perfect soldier
You've passed most of the physical tests.
Apprentice wrestler
You have overcome all fights with less than 5 hits.
You have passed all the stealth tests without being detected.
Clean work
You turned off the monitor and completed the mission using only Aiden.
Possessive spy
You completed the mission using only the Sheikh.
Perfect lover
You cooked, cleaned the apartment, took a shower, put on your evening dress and put on some music.
Casual girl
You ordered pizza, watched TV, and wore casual clothes.
In love with Ryan
You slept with Ryan.
Lady of stealth
You reached the cathedral without being seen.
Try to get me
You escaped the train without getting arrested.
Apocalypse of Aiden
You destroyed the gas station, church, armory and helicopter.
You have been arrested three times and have always managed to escape.
Money to eat
You've raised enough money to buy some chocolate for dinner.
Expert thief
You disabled the supermarket camera.
You checked on Tuesday's baby, you treated Jimmy, and you had Stan communicate with his wife.
Young shaman
You have completed the ritual in full.
Not just sand
You escaped the sandstorm and suffered less than 3 hits.
Eye for an eye
You didn't speak during the interrogation.
Serial number 894732
You told the truth during the interrogation.
Too easy
You have reached the containment area with the general.
Over the life
You entered the Underworld.
I choose life
You have chosen to stay in the real world.
Convince Dawkins
You convinced Dawkins to accept the truth.
Sun off
You have extinguished the Black Sun.
The end
You have discovered one of the possible realities ...
Fuori controllo
You didn't miss a chance to be mean using Aiden.
Never alone
You've had at least one love affair.
Entity dominatrix
You have always won against evil entities.
A better world
You killed all possible characters and chose to live with them in the Underworld.
You have found all the bonuses.
Together until the end
Completed the game in Co-op mode.
All safe
You saved all the characters that could be saved.

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