Boss Queen Pthumeriana Guide / Walkthrough

Bloodborne: guide to defeating the Pthumerian Queen [PS4 Walkthrough]


This is supposed to be (hopefully!) The ultimate Bloodborne boss. Let's see how to get it out.

Boss Queen Pthumeriana Guide / Walkthrough

In spite of how complicated and above all long it is to find it (if you have difficulty follow the guide to find the Pthumerian queen) the battle against this boss is actually quite simple.

The tactic is to hit her twice, back off, dodge her next attack and repeat. If you hit her more than twice there is a high chance that she will stun you, putting you in a very, VERY dangerous position. This is why it is best to play cautiously and follow this tactic throughout the fight.

Your character level doesn't matter that much here, a 100+ level character is recommended. With a less powerful one it will simply take longer, but the indicated strategy is still valid.

When she calls her clones you have to take care of them first, then keep attacking the boss. Remember that this boss mostly uses blood attacks, so you just need to equip armor with a lot of resistance to this element.

I close the guide a video that shows a good strategy to kill the Pthumerian Queen. Remember to check out the Bloodborne cheats and guides tab for other helpful guides on this game and the guide to beating all the Bloodborne BOSS if you are having trouble with some other bad guy. Good luck!

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