Bravely Default 2 - Complete guide to obtaining and using the boat

Even in its classic way, Bravely Default 2 manages to develop his own adventure with a strong self-awareness and its expressive and creative possibilities. Starting from all this, the game has introduced, in addition to the classicisms of the case, also a series of trifles unpublished that will surely please both historical enthusiasts and all new users through Nintendo Switch. This is also a sign of progress, it is also knowing how to blend elements from the past together with experiments aimed at dynamizing what is in front of us.

Between the news introduced in Bravely Default 2 there is certainly that of boat. To find out how to take advantage of this specific means, please follow the following guide which aims to lead you, step by step, into the vast world that this video game has to offer and above all on the edge of its blue waters.

Before leaving you to it, we remind you that in the following text you could read some major or minor spoilers related to Bravely Default 2, regarding various playful sections and different details on the story created by Claytechworks. We therefore advise you to proceed with caution before you have concluded the game's campaign.

The possibility of to unlock la boat in Bravely Default 2 it will show up in Prime stages of the game Square Enix, specifically speaking when you are in control of Seth and the group, and the game dynamics of the secondary missions will be introduced, with the possibility of interacting with the NPCs who inhabit the game world. In the very first secondary mission ad Halyconia we will have to lend a hand to one old lady, who will ask you to help her retrieve her boat on the beach. At this point you just have to follow towards the indicated place to be able to get your hands on this sailboat, unlocking the possibility of meeting the aforementioned lady in all the main cities of the game. Through her you will then have the marine vehicle at your disposal.

How do you use the boat in Braveli Default 2?

All you have to do is speak with the aforementioned old lady and start, through the appropriate option, thescouting of the boat that will depart automatically in search of the treasures around, bringing them back. At the end of the various expeditions, a special “MAX” nomenclature appears to indicate the term. At this point, talk to the lady again to see your loot. Assuming that the game time, in Bravely Default 2, also flows when you are not playing, it is always advisable to always leave the boat for some exploration, so as to optimize any interaction, even if not direct, with the game.

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