Brink - Guide to the classes in the game

    Brink - Guide to the classes in the game

    Brink - Guide to the classes in the game Four classes, all to be discovered


    Brink - Guide to the classes in the gameBrink - Guide to the classes in the gameBrink - Guide to the classes in the game

    Brink will arrive on our consoles and PCs on May 13th. Let's take a deeper look at what will be the 4 different classes that we will be able to use in the game, just so as not to be caught unprepared.

    That of the agent is the class that collects the characteristics of the spy; has a disguise kit and a hacking system that allow him to get in the way of enemies behind their lines of fire.

    The Agent must infiltrate behind enemy lines and then connect to a terminal to be hacked which will start ringing and alerting the enemies; you can start the process both long and short distance but the further you are from the terminal, the more time it takes to complete it. The agent's action can be effectively countered by the technicians who can repair the hacks on the terminals.

    The Agent can disguise himself as an enemy by interacting with the body of a downed opponent. If discovered while trying to assume the form of the enemy the process will be slower and less effective; he will also have to watch out for friendly fire, as his own teammates may mistake him for an enemy and hit him.


    The Technician is the support class, capable of repairing targets and building turrets and machine guns. It is capable of placing fire mines to stop the enemy advance and can provide upgrades to companions for a short period of time. It is the only class capable of defusing bombs and repairing terminals.

    By interacting with an object, he can create a defensive post with turrets and barricades. More technicians can interact in the same building to speed up the work. The action of the Technicians is opposed by the Soldiers who can demolish the defensive positions with explosives.

    Mine Fire
    The Technician is also able to place mines and set fire to strategic points on the map.

    Upgrading of weapons
    Using the specific kit, the Technician can upgrade the weapons of teammates for a short period of time. Just as the Medic can interact with other companions to heal them, the Technician can increase their firepower.


    He is at the forefront of the battlefield and is armed with explosive charges to take out targets. It is the most suitable class for countering the action of enemies at 360 degrees.

    Explosive charges
    Charges can only be used to destroy primary and secondary targets, simply by interacting with them to place them. Once the charge is triggered it will be necessary to protect it until detonation, to prevent the opposing Technicians and Agents from interfering by slowing or completely preventing the explosion.

    Ammo boxes
    The Soldier can also provide support to other companions. It will in fact be able to get close and provide ammunition to those left without.


    He is not a weapons expert, but he is equipped with healing syringes useful for reviving or healing companions and VIPs to escort on some missions.

    The Medic is the only one able to help a fallen comrade by providing him with syringes containing the healing potion; his action is also important in missions in which it is necessary to scare VIPs, it will be the doctor who will take care of his state of health.

    It is possible to heal injured companions by restoring their health, but for each use the skill will have a cooldown. It is also possible to heal oneself.

    Enhancements of life
    Medics can also temporarily increase the life of companions with buffs - just look at a companion, interact with them and the recipient will receive a health upgrade.

    The above is illustrated in the following video.


    Brink's classes
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