Call of Duty Black Ops - Tips and tricks to win in Wager Match

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Call of Duty Black Ops - Tips and tricks to win in Wager Match

Some useful tips for the new online mode


After the more generic guide dedicated to the multiplayer mode of Call of Duty Black Ops, today we deal in particular with the game's Wager Match mode. In addition to examining all the mechanisms and rules of this new mode, we will provide some advice that could help you win in online battles.

Wager Match is a new game mode added to the Call of Duty series that takes advantage of the new credit system introduced in the game. Basically it is a question of gambling by betting your credits obtained in the other online modes and winning a greater sum each time you rank in the top three places.

There are three "levels" of matches in Wager Match. Everyone has the same type of game and number of players, but increasing the level also increases the amount of credits to be wagered and consequently also the winnings. The three levels are:
Ante Up: Bet 10 credits. The first place winner at the end of the game wins 30 credits, the second wins 18, the third wins 12 credits.
Week-end Gambler: Bet 1.000 credits. The first place wins 3.000 credits, the second receives 1.800, the third place wins 1.200 credits.
High Roller: Bet 10.000 credits. The first place wins 30.000 credits, the second wins 18.000, the third 12.000 credits.

If everyone in the pre-match waiting room votes for the "Double Down" you bet double and your winnings will also be doubled. If you just want to try the Wager Match mode of course you should start from the lowest level (Ante Up) since on the higher levels you will surely find stronger players and you will risk losing more.

These are therefore the different bet levels, within them you will always find the same types of games that we will discuss below.


Partita "One in The Chamber"
General Information:
In One in The Chamber, players are equipped with a pistol, a bullet and three lives. Your goal is to get as many kills as possible before losing all of your lives. Kills are instant, which means that every hit on your opponent will kill them. For each kill you will get another bullet, even if you use the knife to make the kill, so if one of your shots fails, remember that you always have this second chance.

- Unless there is one or at most 2 other players left in the map, camping is not recommended. .
- It is not recommended to shoot from long range. Remember that you only have one shot, if it fails it will be a very serious problem to face with the knife an enemy who has kept his bullet.
- Remember that it only takes one shot to the arm to kill and be killed. So in this mode more than precision matters the speed of execution. You waste time aiming and you are already dead.
- If you have fired a miss, do not hesitate and avoid panic. If your opponent has not fired yet and you are not within reach of a knife, seek cover or move as much as possible to make him waste his shot.
If the opponent also fired, aim at him as fast as possible, now it's a white weapon battle. At this point it becomes essential to strike before the opponent, but doing it before the due time also means hitting empty by lending the flank to a counterattack. So practice (even in other ways) in order to understand perfectly what is the maximum distance with which your stab hits. The further away you hit, the sooner you hit and the more likely you are to win the duel.


Partita Sticks and Stones
General Information:
in Sticks and Stones you will be equipped with three things: a crossbow with explosive darts, a ballistic knife and a tomahawk. The goal is to get the highest score. Killing with the crossbow and ballistic knife will earn you 100 points, while stabbing with your melee knife will give you 25 points. If you hit someone with a tomahawk you get 10 points. Whoever is hit with the tomahawk suffers "humiliation" and will see his points drop to zero. Suicide will also drop the points to zero.

- Also in this case the camper is to be avoided. You will be an easy target for the enemies' crossbow and give them maximum points. Also, standing still, you will have less chance of finding enemies to kill.
- Make extensive use of the crossbow with explosive darts. If you catch someone, the kill is guaranteed (unless someone kills the victim before your dart explodes). You can also get kills by detonating darts by hitting walls near your opponents.
- Remember gravity. At long range, the strikes from the crossbow and ballistic knife will tend to drop downward. So aim a little higher than the target. Practice Combat Training to hone this technique.
- If an enemy attacks you with an explosive bolt, always try to run towards him before it explodes. If you manage to hit him with the explosion it will count as suicide for him and his points will drop to zero, which is obviously very good for you.


Partita Gun game
General Information:
In Gun Game you will start the game with a gun and with each kill you make your weapon will change. The goal of the game is in fact to make a kill with each of the 20 weapons listed below. The player who does this first wins.
Remember that killing an opponent with the knife (melee attack) will not make you proceed to the next weapon, but will "humiliate" the killed opponent. Once "humiliated" your opponent will return to using the previous weapon and will have to do a kill again with that to pass over. Humiliation is also inflicted on those who commit suicide. A double kill will still only advance you one weapon.

List of 20 weapons:
1. Python Speed Revolver
2. Makarov Dual Wield
3. Spas-12
4. Stakeout
5. MP5K
6. Skorpion Dual Wield
7. AK74u
8. M14
9. M16
10. Famas
11. AUG
12. HK21
13. M60
14. L96A1
15. WA2000
16. Grim Reaper
17. LAW
18. China Lake
19. Crossbow Explosive Tips
20. Ballistic Knife

- There will be some weapons you will hate. Avoid getting nervous and frustrated and you will succeed.
- Don't give up. It could take you 2 long minutes to make a kill with a weapon and then advance 3 weapons over the next 30 seconds. Don't get discouraged and don't pay attention to where others are.
- With the sniper rifle it can be useful to camp. In Black Ops it's much more
difficult to use this weapon than any other Call of Duty and it will be very difficult to make kills without using the scope or with quickscopes.
- Remember the time it takes to switch from one weapon to another. For this reason, always try to face one opponent at a time, otherwise you will give easy kills to others who can get rid of you while you change weapons.


Sharpshooter match
General Information:
In Sharpshooter all players are equipped with the same weapon chosen at random from all those available in the game. The goal is to have the highest score, no more kills.
The weapon changes every 45 seconds at the same time for all players. There is no score limit, but you have to wait for the time to run out. The last round
of the game is known as the Sharpshooter round. This gives each player a 2x multiplier. The kill streak will give you several benefits: 1 kill: Sleight of Hand Pro
2 kills: Lightweight Pro
3 uccisioni: Steady Aim Pro
4 kills: 2x multiplier (in the Sharpshooter round this becomes 4x)

- Remember that in this mode the opponents always have the same weapon as you. If you think about this you will have the advantage of knowing how they will attack you, take advantage of it.
- Take advantage of the killstreaks. These can be really decisive for victory, so don't be foolish and avoid giving easy kills to your opponents. Arriving at the 2x multiplier you will have an excellent chance to score points behind the other players.

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