Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Trophy and Platinum Guide

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Even in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare could not miss the trophies to be conquered. Hunters will be able to take possession of the beauty of 6 bronze 15 silver 5 gold e 1 Platinum. None of them is missing, therefore, notice the delay and see in this guide on the title Activision what to do.

Before leaving you to the text, we remind you that in the following lines you may find some major or minor spoilers about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, as regards some playful sections and the narrative sector. We therefore advise you to continue carefully before completing the game in its entirety.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Bronze Trophies

Explosive defuse - Blast 3 tripping cables using explosives. During the sixth mission, you will find numerous tripping cables, blow up three of them.

Elimination… to scale - Kill 3 enemies while on a ladder. In the tenth mission, pick up the 1911 Pistol, and after pushing the second cart, start climbing the burning stairs, turn around and kill three enemies.

Thinned out fog - In Fog of War, neutralize the machine gun with a fragmentation grenade. During the first mission, you will be dealing with a very powerful machine gun. When you are in front of it, throw a grenade to destroy it.

Premonition - Prevent Alpha 3-2 from falling to the ground. During the fifth mission, you will have to prevent the Madden agent, Alpha 3-2, from falling to the ground, and then kill all the enemies hidden behind the doors.

London tour - Kill at least one enemy inside The Reading Place, Aural Chic and both underground subways. During the second mission there are four optional areas, called The Reading Place, Aural Chich and two underground subways. To get the trophy it will be enough to kill an enemy in each of the four areas, below we give you the position:

  • Underground 1 - On the left side of the level; Aural Chic: clothes shop on the right side of the level, there is a large neon sign;
  • Underground 2 - On the right side of the level; The Reading Place: is a large building at the bottom left of the level.

Lights off - In Radio Silence, turn off the power to 4 buildings. During the thirteenth mission, flip a few switches to turn off the power to the four buildings.

Silver Trophies

Pit stop - Stop three tanks using Hadir's sniper rifle. At the end of the eighth mission you will see four armored vehicles arrive. Equip Hadir's sniper rifle and shoot the wheels, to stop the vehicle you need to puncture three. Repeat the same thing with two other vehicles.

Rain of missiles - Reach the entrance to Barkov's laboratory using only drone attacks. During the last mission to reach the top of the hill you will have to use only the drone attack.

Ashes to ashes - Burn 4 enemies using a single Molotov cocktail. During the fourth mission some enemies will get off a helicopter, throw a Molotov cocktail at them to kill all four of them.

Lethal exchange - Get at least one kill with eight different weapons while completing Old Companions. During the twelfth mission you will have to kill several enemies with 8 different weapons. One you can choose at the beginning of the mission, the M19, while another five will fall from the corpses of the soldiers. The last two, which would be a machine gun and an RPG, you will find at the end of the mission, as soon as you enter the van.

You have something on your face - Spit at Barkov. At the beginning of the eleventh mission Barkov will lead you from the cell to the interrogation room. At this point you can choose between four dialogue options, press R3 to spit in his face and get the trophy.

Danger escaped - Never get hit by the sniper while you break out of prison. During the eleventh mission you will arrive in an area with a sniper. Avoid getting hit by hiding behind some cover. Go to the sniper and kill him to get the trophy.

Tunnel mouse - In The Wolf's Lair, complete the tunnels using only the 1911. Complete the tenth mission with the 1911 pistol only.

Two pigeons - Kill both soldiers with one shot in Hometown. At the beginning of the ninth mission you will have to distract two soldiers by pressing the arrow at the top. At this point, steal the revolver and move to align the enemies, then fire to kill them with a single shot.

Road safety education - Shoot the bomb truck driver. During the eighth mission you will have to stop a bomb truck. Shoot the windshield to blow the guard, then kill the driver.

Love from above - In The Embassy, ​​destroy 4 trucks using 4 drone strikes before they reach their destination. During the seventh mission Price will give you a drone. Proceed without using it, then wait on the roof for an allied blue vehicle to pass. Four different trucks will follow: aim the drone where to hit and destroy one vehicle at a time.

Hit and smoked -Kill an enemy by hitting them directly with a smoke grenade. During the sixth mission, enter the hospital and go left to meet a wounded man. Throw all the stun grenades at him to kill him before he bleeds to death.

Friend block - In Infiltrators, use a single block of concrete and carry it to the end of the mission. During the third mission you will have to collect a concrete block to advance. You will have to carry it to the end. If you have to shoot the enemies you can put it down and then take it back.

Fake dead - In Infiltrate, kill all enemies in the field full of corpses. During the third mission you will have to follow Farah to a field full of corpses. Arrived at your destination Farah will advise you to lie down to avoid a group of enemies. Instead you kill them all.

Tea time - Complete the single player campaign on any difficulty. See the Hell Survivor gold trophy.

Long fall - Crash a helicopter by shooting the pilot. During the fourth mission, equip the Kar98K in the first room and advance. When you see two helicopters flying over the area, shoot the pilot of one of the two vehicles.

Gold Trophies

Survived in Hell - Complete all single player missions on Veteran or Realism difficulty. In total there are 14 missions and it will be enough to complete them all as a veteran to get the trophy.

The night is ours - Kill all the enemies at the church, clock tower and swimming pool while preventing them from calling for reinforcements. During the thirteenth mission you will have three main objectives which are church, clock tower and swimming pool. To get the trophy, you will have to kill all the enemies in the three zones without them having time to call for reinforcements. You can try to follow some precautions, for example when you are discovered recharged from the last checkpoint and try to complete the area again, as the enemies will ignore the corpses, do it too and finally, if possible, use a pair of headphones to better hear the footsteps.

Clean work - Don't hurt any civilians in Piccadilly. During the second mission you will have to avoid injuring the civilians in the area.

Perfect execution - Complete Tabula Rasa without getting hit and using only one bullet per threat. During the fifth mission you must never get hit and you must kill each enemy with a single bullet.

Furious blaze - Use a Molotov cocktail to shoot down a flying helicopter. During the fourth mission there are two helicopters flying over the area and then descending, this is the best time to throw the Molotov cocktails on one of the two to shoot it down.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Platinum Trophy

Elite - Unlock all trophies. When you unlock all the trophies you will get platinum.

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