Complete guide to intuition points

Bloodborne: Guide to Unlocking and Using Intuition Points [PS4]


Let's take stock of Bloodborne's intuition points.

Complete guide to intuition points

These particular points could be the answer to the World Tendency of the previous From Software titles, in Bloodborne they can be used in different ways and cause different effects, all listed below:

  • allow you to activate the Leveling Doll in the hunter's dream (it is required for leveling).
  • each intuition point reduces the Beasthood stat (spending them will increase this stat).
  • after accumulating at least 10 intuition points you can start spending them at particular merchants, the Insight Bath Messengers, to buy particular items.
  • some enemies get stronger if you have more than 20 intuition points.
  • Lesser Amygdala in Cathedral Ward becomes visible with 40 intuition points.

But how do you get intuition points? There are several ways, in the list below you can see what they are and how many intuition points they unlock:

  • enter a boss's arena (+1).
  • defeat a boss (+3).
  • Defeat a boss as a summoned guest in multiplayer. (+1).
  • consume a skull of Madman (+1).
  • get caught by Lesser Amygdala in Cathedral Ward (+1).
  • send a character from a quest to the safe place of the Iosefka Clinic.
  • kill another player using the Left bell (+1).
  • interagite con Master Willem (+2).
  • use an umbilical cord.

Also remember that it is possible to lose intuition points earned, so avoid:

  • die when you invade another player with the left bell (-1).
  • use the call bell (-1).
  • have them stolen by some enemies who steal intuition points.

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