Comprehensive Fallout 4 Companions Guide

    Fallout 4: ALL Companions Guide [Romance Stories, Skills and Relationships at their Best]

    Comprehensive Fallout 4 Companions Guide


    In this guide, you'll find everything you need to know about fellow recruiters in Fallout 4

    Comprehensive Fallout 4 Companions Guide

    As you well know in Fallout 4 from the very first moments of the game we will have the opportunity to meet and recruit different Adventure companions, who will follow us and help with their skills in the dangers of the Wastelands.

    In this guide we will discuss in detail all the aspects related to the management of the 13 companions present in the game:

    • how to find and recruit mates
    • what actions to do (and not to do) to maximize the relationship with them
    • what skills can be unlocked for each of them
    • how to start the love story with the companions with whom it is possible to do it

    Let's get started right away!

    How to find lost companions
    In the course of the game it can happen to get lost with a partner, it is a problem that many are encountering. If it happened to you too, follow the guide to find the missing companions in Fallout 4.

    How to equip armor on companions
    It is also possible to equip companions with armor to make them more resistant, as shown in this video. Apparently robots can't wear clothes, so this doesn't apply to Curie and Codsworth ...

    How to find and recruit mates, all skills and relationship to the max
    Obviously these are specific aspects for each companion, for this reason below you will find the list of all the companions of Fallout 4 with links that refer to some dedicated guides who will tell you all about these important aspects. The important thing to point out is that ALL companions have a special ability that is unlocked by maximizing the relationship with them, but only with some of them is it possible to conclude a love story (marked with "*" in the list).

    Then choose the companion you are interested in and click on the link that will take you to the relative guide!

    the Dogmeat dog: Dogmeat dog guide in Fallout 4
    Codsworth: guide to Codsworth robot in Fallout 4
    Cats *: guide Cait in Fallout 4 (skill, romance)
    Curie *: guide to Curie in Fallout 4 (skills, love story)
    John Hancock *: John Hancock guide in Fallout 4 (skill, love story)
    Robert MacCready *: guide to Robert MacCready in Fallout 4 (skill, love story)
    Paladin Dance *: Paladin Danse guide in Fallout 4 (skill, love story)
    Piper *: Piper guide in Fallout 4 (skill, romance)
    Preston *: Preston Garvey guide in Fallout 4 (skill, love story)
    Nick Valentine: guide to Nick Valentine in Fallout 4
    Deacon: guida a Deacon in Fallout 4
    X6-88: guide to X6-88 in Fallout 4
    Strong: guida a Strong in Fallout 4

    * = it is possible to end the love story with this character

    How love stories work
    To be able to start a true love story with a Fallout 4 character first of all we need to bring the relationship to the highest level with him.

    The level of the relationship with a character increases when you do things that they like and decreases when you do things that they do not like. In the guides linked above you can see, for each character, what are all the positive (to be done) and negative (to avoid) actions to improve the relationship. Always talk to the character you are interested in between missions, obviously choosing the dialogue options most favor them to improve the relationship and improve the relationship, always taking into account the things he likes and dislikes.

    Each time you will still be notified by a message on the screen that warns you that you have just done something that your partner likes. The important thing to know is that you can repeat the same action over and over again, getting a "like" from your partner every time. For example, look at this video in which the player continues to enter and exit the power armor, each time receiving appreciation from Paladin Danse (entering the armor is in fact one of the actions that this character likes).

    Obviously sometimes you will be forced to perform actions that your companions do not like, in these cases it is better to send them away, possibly far away because you must know that they can see what you are up to even through the walls ...

    When the relationship is at its peak, among the dialogue options with the character will also appear the one to start the love story highlighted in orange. Do not exult, because it is not yet done. The success, in fact, as well as from the level of the relationship it also depends on the level of your "Charisma" and "Luck" skills. So before using the dialogue option to start the romance, do a save and make sure you have good stats in these skills.

    Special skill
    If you are successful you will unlock the special ability
    of the character. This ability will be active whenever you take your partner with you. It also seems (unconfirmed) that sleeping with your new love will activate a modifier that will grant you bonus XP for a certain period of time.

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