Crysis 2 - Complete Weapons Guide

    Crysis 2 - Complete Weapons Guide

    Crysis 2 - Complete Weapons Guide Here is the arsenal at our disposal


    Crysis 2 - Complete Weapons GuideCrysis 2 - Complete Weapons GuideCrysis 2 - Complete Weapons Guide

    Crysis 2 is ready to land on consoles and PCs around the world. Let's see what are the weapons and their characteristics that we will be able to use in the game.

    United States

    SCAR (SOF Assault Rifle)
    Also called MACS Assault Rifle at GC 2006, it is the standard assault rifle in Crysis. This rifle is considered much more powerful than the FY7, first of all because the ammunition of the latter is difficult to find, secondly because it cannot be equipped with incendiary ammunition. The SCAR is therefore an excellent weapon, but it gives its best in terms of customization, since we will be able to mount practically all the accessories of the game.

    Gauss rifle
    This Anti-Vehicle Rifle fires a long electromagnetic beam at eight times the speed of sound. It is very useful to use it against the Alien Explorers, the Vehicles and the owners of the Nano Suit.

    TAC Gun
    The TAC gun looks a lot like a grenade launcher, but it is actually a portable nuclear weapon that devastates the target and its surroundings within 15-20 meters. It can only hold one "grenade" at a time, so after each shot it needs to be reloaded. In the single player campaign, it can only be used against Alien warships.

    People's Army of Korea

    This is the standard assault rifle of the People's Army of Korea and in terms of peronalization it has little to envy to the SCAR, since it cannot be equipped only with incendiary ammunition. But the FY71 has low firepower and lower accuracy than the SCAR.

    Sniper Rifle
    Its real name is DSG1 and it is the game's standard sniper rifle and can kill almost any troop with a single shot if shot in the torso or head. Unfortunately, unlike the SCAR and the FY71, it cannot be fitted with the silencer, making it very noisy. However, it has a 4x / 10x zoom viewfinder and a 10-round magazine.

    Machine gun
    The machine gun is a very powerful short range weapon to which very interesting accessories can be mounted. For example the laser sight, the tactical flashlight and the silencer.

    Both factions

    Shi Ten
    The standard machine gun of the KPA forces. The US military mounts it to their vehicles, forage harvesters, boats and the HMLTV-998 Bulldog.

    Tactical Rifle
    This tactical shotgun is useful at close and medium ranges. It can be fitted with the sight, laser sight and tactical flashlight.

    The LAW is a missile launcher useful for destroying tanks, helicopters, vehicles in general and buildings. The missile can be controlled via a special laser.

    A portable minigun classified as a "heavy weapon". It has a high rate of fire and can only be used by those with a dwarf suit. Each magazine contains 500 rounds.

    A remote explosive charge that can be placed on any solid surface and then detonated when the player wishes. It is extremely effective against vehicles.

    Mine Anti-Carro
    Anti-tank mines are very useful for setting traps or protecting a certain area from enemy vehicles without consuming ammo. They can also be detonated by shooting them.

    Punches (melee)
    Thanks to the nano suit we will be able to lift, throw and destroy various game objects, such as oil cans, cars and walls. Punches are obviously also a good alternative when and if, we find ourselves running out of ammo. The nano suit will also provide us with the "strength" mode, with which we will be able to increase our strength, to punch even those enemies a little more difficult.

    M26A1 fragmentation grenades: standard grenades with which we will spend most of the time throughout the game.
    AN-M8 HC Smoke Grenades: Grenades that do no damage, but cover a small area of ​​a smoke screen.
    M84 Blinding Grenades: Grenades that do no damage, but cause temporary blindness.
    Grenade Launcher: it is an accessory that can be mounted on the SCAR or the FY71, which launches a grenade that explodes on impact. It needs to be reloaded after each shot, but against soldiers in the campaign it has a deadly effect, as well as having a good effect on light vehicles.


    Molecular Accelerator
    Used by the Troopers, this weapon allows them to freeze water and moisture from the air into icicles and hurl them at high speed. It follows that, by their nature, the ammunition of the weapon is potentially unlimited.
    Unfortunately it also suffers from some sort of "overheating" so it is recommended to use long bursts instead of firing continuously until the weapon overheats. This is also the only alien weapon that is used by Nomad. In the weapon customization window, the Molecular Accelerator can become a Molecular Arrestor.

    Molecular Arrestor
    Used by hunters, this weapon fires a beam that literally freezes the enemy. The frozen target can then be easily destroyed by bullets.
    Keep in mind that machine gunners aboard frozen vehicles will still continue firing, but the entire vehicle can be destroyed with a single gunshot. Helicopters hit with this weapon will fall to the ground and be destroyed upon impact.
    It should also be remembered that aliens immediately die if hit by the freezer beam.
    Frozen fuel containers and the like cannot ignite or explode when hit by the beam, even if hit by a grenade explosion. The same goes for all vehicles and their fuel tanks (such as the fuel tanks on the sides of the truck or the tanks on the back of the jeeps).
    Frozen soldiers will be shattered with a single shot. They will have the same fate even if they fall from a certain height, which will often happen since they will only remain in balance if at the time of transformation into human icicles they were in a fairly balanced posture. Frozen machine gun emplacements will be unusable.
    Also remember that the weapons carried by the frozen soldiers cannot be recovered and will shatter together with the soldier, a against which should be taken into account before freezing the entire map.
    Like the Molecular Accelerator, the Molecular Arrestor can overheat and has a fairly limited range of action.

    Singularity Cannon
    Used by large aliens this weapon shoots a black hole creating a large explosion that will try to suck anything inside it. This weapon can be acquired in multiplayer and can destroy the enemy headquarters.

    Smart Missile
    Used only by the Red Hunter in Crysis Warhead. Its ammunition is a very precise missile that travels at low speed and causes a strong electrical explosion on impact that causes a huge amount of damage.

    Alien Beam
    Used by the Flying Scouts and Red Hunter. This weapon releases a powerful beam of heat that burns and evaporates anything in its path.

    Gravity Bomb Launcher
    Attached around the neck of the Orange Scouts. A single bomb causes everything in its range to be instantly vanished.

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