Crysis 2 - Tips for facing the Campaign on Supersoldier difficulty

Crysis 2 - Tips for facing the Campaign on Supersoldier difficulty

Tips for finishing the game on "Maxima" difficulty


How is Crysis 2? Fantastic!

If you are about to face the Campanga for single player today we offer you a series of general tips and suggestions to make the most of all the potential of the Nanosuit and therefore be able to get the better of the enemies even at the highest difficulty level of the game: Supersoldier.

Completing Crysis 2 on Supersoldier difficulty can seem like a daunting task. But with a very stealthy approach to the base game coupled with a good hit and run strategy, you will be able to overcome this difficulty level with fewer problems than you thought. But here are still other tips to succeed in this feat in the simplest possible way.

Human enemies in Crysis are pretty simple to take out, in fact, a headshot will be enough to get them out of the way. The problem instead will be the Ceph (the enemy Aliens), who will jump around us to confuse us, catch us off guard and kill us easily. If you are not spotted by the enemy I highly recommend using a completely stealth approach. If, on the other hand, you will be identified, activate the Armor mode of the nano suit, with which you will have greater resistance and you can sell your skin dearly. Remember, however, that once Armor mode is activated, the energy bar will decrease. Once the energy bar is at critical levels, seek cover and wait for it to fully or nearly reset before returning to the attack.

Thanks to the nano suit we will also have it available the stealth mode, with which we can make ourselves invisible for a certain period of time, which varies in relation to the available energy. Be very careful, because actions such as jumping or running will drastically decrease the energy bar and therefore also the duration of the stealth mode. Another thing to avoid in this mode is certainly to pass close to the enemies, because even if invisible we will be equally identified and most likely also killed, since we will almost certainly have little energy.

In Crysis 2 by killing the Cephs and collecting various materials from them, we will be able to upgrade the nano suit and the paraphernalia. These boosts will remain permanent in single player at any difficulty level, so the advice is to kill several Cephs to secure a certain level of power-ups before starting the game on Supersoldier difficulty.

For ammunition there are not many problems since they are found almost everywhere, but still save C4 and RPG ammo because they will be very useful against Alien tanks and Pingers.

When you are in a very large area it would be better to use the viewer to record on the map the position of enemies, weapons and the various positions from which to take a personal strategic advantage. In fact, at the highest difficulties, the viewer can be the key to your success.

At the end of Central Park you will have to defeat the final Boss Black Stealthed Ceph. The quickest way to take him out is to use VOLT and repeat headshots to cause massive damage. Congratulations, once you are defeated you will have completed the game on the Super Soldier difficulty level.


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