Cyberpunk 2077 - Here are some builds that are ideal for the game

cyberpunk 2077 is finally available and, although the new license plate title CD Projekt RED has encountered some problems, the work of the complex is enjoying great success. Among the best potential of the game, detailed in our dedicated review, we find that linked to the builds of V, the protagonist who can be customized to follow your own style of play, aiming at some specific skills rather than others. In this article we want to present what we believe are the best builds of Cyberpunk 2077.

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To best optimize these builds, we will try to build them based on the classes used in the Cyberpunk 2020 RPG (or the more recent Red), so that they are clearer. For logical reasons we cannot create builds related to Corporate and Nomad, as in Cyberpunk 2077 they are not real classes but origins, which together with the Street Kid will give you a background with different skills (not as differentiating as those of the paper RPG). We can't even create a build for Fixer, as it will be the NPCs who will give us the missions, and last but not least Rocker, Policemen e Reporter.

So there are three builds left, which in turn may have subbuilds that highlight one trait rather than another. Let's talk about the Lonely, a mercenary who aims to make money, the Netrunner, class focused on hacking and finally the Apparel, a kind of technology craftsman.



Born to solve problems face to face, it is a build that will lead you to direct confrontation almost always. Thanks to the speed in the fight, you will be very fast in the clashes, you can use all the weapons and you will be able to take a lot of damage before succumbing to the Flatline. The critics are enhanced, you can carry many items and you will be able to respond in cold blood in the dialogues and in the fights.

  • Attributes to upgrade: Physical, Reflexes, Coldness
  • Talent trees to upgrade: Athletics, Cold Blooded, Favorite Weapon Type (there are a few depending on the weapon)
  • Equipment to bring: Powerful weapons with useful mods, Cyberware for upgrading, Armor with high defense values
  • Operating System: Sandevistan
  • Nervous system: Kerenzikov


Battles don't always have to be taken from the chest, sometimes better from the back. Basically you will be a ninja able to KO planes, throw knives, disappear into thin air and kill without being seen. You will still need to have some hacking skills, but otherwise it will be all footwork and blade movement.

  • Attributes to upgrade: Reflexes, Intelligence, Coldness
  • Talent trees to upgrade: Stealth, Cold Blood, Protocol Breach, Quick Hacking, Blades
  • Equipment to bring: Leg-tied cyberware, lots of RAM, blades, quick hacks, and throwing weapons (with relative skill)
  • Operating System: any useful to the above equipment
  • Nervous system: with synaptic accelerator



And who said that a Netrunner must always hide? So here we are talking about the Netrunner capable of using various types of weapons, alongside quick hacking. This also makes it more resistant to damage, which is no small feat, and the improved transport allows for more equipment to change.

  • Attributes to upgrade: Intelligence, Physical, Technical ability
  • Talent trees to upgrade: Quick Hacking, Athletics, Annihilation, Engineering
  • Equipment to bring: quick hacks, shotguns and grenades
  • Operating System: Sandevistan if you prefer old-fashioned damage, or one with an advanced cyberdeck if you go quick hacking
  • Nervous system: with synaptic accelerator


Of course old Netrunner is always great to play, even here in Cyberpunk 2077. Able to use all stealth techniques, he can very easily evade and control enemies and technology.

  • Attributes to upgrade: Coldness, Intelligence, Physical
  • Talent trees to upgrade: Stealth, Protocol Breach, Quick Hacking, Athletics, Annihilation, Street Wrestler
  • Equipment to bring: Knives, all quick hacking, a powerful weapon for dangerous situations
  • Operating System: Cyberdeck with a lot of RAM
  • Nervous system: with synaptic accelerator



Being technical means being able to create anything you can think of (and which of course is in the game), and if you do it to destroy your enemies it will be a lot of fun. Basically you can have any weapon, increase the damage, upgrade yourself with cyberware that will increase your statistics. All done by you.

  • Attributes to upgrade: Technical ability, Reflexes, Physical
  • Talent trees to upgrade: Creation, Engineering, Athletics, Annihilation
  • Equipment to bring: Creation instructions, weapons of all kinds, grenades
  • Operating System: Sandevistan
  • Nervous system: Kerenzikov


Obviously a technician can create everything, even useful objects so as not to be seen. This is why the stealth technician is fun to play because he is a "producer to consumer" character. Basic, you will create your own games, you will use them, and no one will notice.

  • Attributes to upgrade: Technical ability, Reflexes, Coldness
  • Talent trees to upgrade: Creation, Engineering, Stealth, Quick Hacking
  • Equipment to bring: Creation instructions, silenceable weapons, grenades, useful quick hacks
  • Operating System: Cyberdeck with RAM useful for those quick to use hacks
  • Nervous system: with synaptic accelerator

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