Dark: here is the complete analysis of the series grand finale

Dark: here is the complete analysis of the series grand finale

June 27, 2020 has passed, perhaps the day most feared by the growing number of fans of the original series Netflix German Dark, the phantom day of the Apocalypse. Released in 2017, Dark has been able to keep millions of viewers around the world glued to the screen, gathering acclaim like few other series have been able to do and achieving crazy ratings from critics. It is currently rated as the best Netflix original series ever, but especially after the third and final season, we are sure that it can even be defined as one of the best series of any TV or streaming platform. In this special we will not dwell too much on the plot and on the contents, apart from a very short recap. We will assume that you have carefully followed all 26 episodes of the three seasons, that you know well the family tree of the families present and that you remember at least summarily the timelines that were put into play. Well yes, because the sense of Dark is precisely this: to orient oneself within a complex plot and told in a not at all linear way, which, although it may be rich in actions, will always focus its importance on people and their kinship ties. And always remember that if you are looking for something ...

The question is not if, but when

And if, on the other hand, you are convinced that the solution is to understand when a person comes ...

The question is not in which era, but in which world

I mean, Dark sets us up for the holidays.

ATTENTION: the article contains SPOILERS on the whole series, not only the third season, so we invite you to continue reading only if you have already completed the vision of all the seasons.

Many cards on the table in Dark

To understand how Dark ends, let's briefly start from the finale of the second season, which added the existence of parallel universes to time travel. Adam, that is to say Jonas Kahnwald elder, head of the sect Sic Mundus Creatus Est, kills Martha Nielsen right in front of Jonas in a young version. The Apocalypse is about to arrive, but another Martha peeps out and takes Jonas and herself into an alternate world, her world. It is populated by the same characters as Winden, who perform the same actions with slight differences. In this world, however, Jonas does not exist, he was never born, because Mikkel Nielsen it never went back in time, it never became Michael Kahnwald and he never married Hannah. Still, someone high makes the world B, if we want to call it, similar to the world A. Here too there is a sect, called Erit Lux, headed by the one who occupies the role of main traveler, Martha Nielsen. Both sects, Adam's “Sic Mundus” and Eva's “Erit Lux” (pseudonym of Martha), have the same identical role: to maneuver the pawns of their respective world to make them perform the same actions forever. In essence, both sects make sure that devices for time travel are invented, that the God particle is used, that the Apocalypse occurs, that time travel continues to exist and that all those actions that in somehow they can threaten them. The two worlds are connected by a node, which we will hear about very often and no inhabitant of them can escape the design of the two sects, not even the pawns who manage to rebel, Noah Claudia (the only one capable of traveling between the two worlds, exploiting all eras and conditioning Adam). For the dirty work, among which that of forcing the construction of the nuclear power plant stands out, a character is introduced who remains unnamed, in a triple version: child, adult and elderly. The trio exists in both world A and world B, but is more present in the second.

Final episode: Claudia discovers that in Winden's two worlds the cause-effect relationship means that nothing can be changed in the past. Basically, everything will continue to happen in the same way forever just because the older versions of many of the characters present exist in different eras. In the rules of Dark, in these two worlds free will does not exist and the destiny is already written; no one can escape it. The two sects lied, deluding time travelers that they could do something, with the sole purpose of doing nothing, to continue existing in these two worlds. Claudia understands that there is a third world, the world of origin and that by exploiting the fraction of a second in which time was formed during the Apocalypse, it is possible to break the cause-effect relationship and change the past and the future once and for all. Martha and Jonas are tasked with changing the event that caused the two worlds to be created. They return to the 70s and prevent the death of Charlotte's son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter HG Tannhaus (the watchmaker). In this world of origin the past can be changed, destiny is not written, free will exists. The two boys succeed, Tannhaus will not create worlds and time travel, so all time travelers vanish from the various eras in which they find themselves. Their existences are lost in time and space.

Dark: here is the complete analysis of the series grand finaleAnd all the others?

Final scene, a dinner at the home of Jonas (in world A), of Martha (in world B), of Regina Tiedemann (in the world of origin, the only one left), we are in 2020. The hostess is present Regina, Torben Wöller He is his brother, Peter Doppler, Katharina Albers ed Hannah Kruger. The six have dinner, toast to a world without Winden and after a brief blackout, they listen to Hannah who tells of having had a dejavu and of wanting to call Jonas the child who is waiting (in the room there is a yellow raincoat, to remember it). So fate says that Jonas will be born but that he will not be the son of Hannah and Michael, but of Hannah and Torben? No, let's not get distracted by this, because the point is another. The point is to think about so that these six characters are present. Well, why aside Helge Doppler Claudia Tiedemann, elderly and presumably elsewhere, those characters are the only ones who can be alive without time travel, which in this world do not exist, in short, they are the only ones out of the knot. They are the only people who don't have a traveler in their family tree. Let's verify.

I Wöller brothers: we know nothing of their descendants. They are external to the links with the other Winden families. Peter Doppler: is the son of Helge Doppler, in turn the son of Bernd Doppler (the first head of the nuclear power plant) and his wife Greta, in short, no traveler. Regina Tiedemann: daughter of Claudia Tiedemann, daughter of EgonDoris Tiedemann, no traveler. Katharina Albers, daughter of Hermann ed Helene Albers; Hannah Kruger, daughter of Sebastian Kruger; still no traveler.

Jonas can't exist because Mikkel hasn't gone back in time (and in reality he doesn't even exist); it cannot exist Ulrich Nielsen and therefore all his descendants including Martha, because his grandmother Agnes she was none other than Noah's sister and daughter of Bartosz Tiedemann (Regina's son, returned in 1888) and his wife Slija (daughter of Hannah in the past). Does not exist Charlotte and consequently the family, because she is the daughter of his daughter Elisabeth ed They have Tauber (Noah).

But above all, the absence at dinner Alexander Tiedemann (Boris Nievald), who met and later married Regina Tiedemann because she worked for her mother Claudia, suggests that in Winden there is no nuclear power plant. In fact, it was built with the pressure of the trio-character of the unnamed, absent in this world because he was the son of Martha. In the world of origin there is not even the son of Jonas and Martha, who we discover to be the one who completes all the holes in the plot. In fact, he is also the father of Tronte Nielsen, therefore Ulrich's grandfather.

The ending of Dark shows us with extreme coherence how Winden would be with free will, without the pressure of destiny already written and of characters playing God. He always shows it to us with the same dinner, in which we see all six protagonists having finally followed its own nature. Regina Tiedemann has friends who love her, she's alive, she hasn't had cancer, she's not bullied; Torben Wöller is not submissive to his bosses, but a guest with his wife at a dinner with friends, Peter Doppler he is openly homosexual and has a partner, Torben's brother, who therefore does not prostitute himself; Catherine Hannah they are friends because Ulrich does not exist. In Winden everything is finally fine.

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