Dark Souls 3: Rosaria's Finger Pact guide [how to join, rewards]

Dark Souls 3: Rosaria's Finger Pact guide [how to join, rewards]


Also in Dark Souls 3 the agreements to which the player can join to obtain prizes and advantages related to the multiplayer of the game are back: we see the Pact of the Fingers of Rosaria.

Each pact is different from the other in Dark Souls III, in this guide we see how to find and how to join one of these. For all the other agreements and other guides on the game do not forget to also consult the complete guide and tricks card of Dark Souls 3.

Rosaria's Finger Pact

As a member of this pact you will be tasked with invading other players like Phantom Rossi. In addition to this, as explained in the guide to reset the Dark Souls 3 character, once you enter this pact you can redistribute your character's abilities and change his appearance.

How to find it and join

To find this deal you will need to head to the area of ​​the "Cathedral of thea Deep", the area where the battle with the Deacons of the depth takes place.

The bonfire closest to this location is called "Cleansing Chapel": take the elevator up to the roof of the Duomo, from here you need to go down to a small balcony in the main hall of the Duomo and again from the balcony to an area below. The path leads to a room with a hidden bonfire with a fairly worm-like being called Rosaria. Talk to Rosaria who will allow you to join the pact of the fingers of Rosaria.

Rewards for covenant members

By successfully invading other players as members of this pact you will get Pale Tongues. In addition to resetting the character, tongues can be accumulated to be offered to Rosaria for the following rewards:

Obscuring Ring (carrying 10 "Pale Tongues")

Man Grub Bracket (carrying 30 "Pale Tongues")

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