Darksiders 2 side quest guide

Darksiders 2 - Guide / Solution of secondary missions


Darksiders 2 has a fair number of side quests that you certainly don't want to skip as only by completing them you can unlock some of the game's achievements / trophies as well as get special bonuses such as weapons or other items.

Darksiders 2 side quest guide

In this guide we will see what are the secondary missions of Darksiders 2, how to find and complete them with the help of videos or related guides. The quests are grouped according to the character of the game giving access to the mission. Iammmmm yààà!

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Thane side quests
"The Maker Warrior, Kill Gorwood, Kill Bhelithir, Kill Achidna, Kill the Opposed King"
In Tri-Stone, challenge Thane to fight him. Once you have beaten him he will offer you missions to go and kill some monsters scattered around the kingdom. I recommend not starting these missions until you are at least level 15 (level 20 for "The Taken King").

Secondary missions of Muria
“Shaman’s Craft”
Award: Grim Talisman
Muria wants you to find some items from some monsters in the kingdom. Follow the video.

"Spark Of Life"
Reward: XP and gold
You will get some scrolls from the angel Nathaneil when you go to Lostlight. Bring one of the scrolls to Muria and she will give you this side quest for The Scar dungeon. It is at the bottom south of Charred Pass, you will need the deathgrip to enter it. Kill Ghorn to complete this mission.

Alaya side quests
"The Hammer Forge"
Reward: XP and gold
Once Drenchfort is cleared and their forge restored it is possible to speak to Alaya for this mission. He will ask you to go to the Shattered Forge north of the Shadow Gorge, but remember that you will need the Deathgrip. I recommend being at least level 10 before going up there.

Vulgrim side quests
"The Book of the Dead"
Reward: Access to Tombs containing Legendary items
This mission will be delivered to you by vendor Vulgrim who will ask you to find the 40 pages of the Book of the Dead. Follow the guide to collectibles to find all pages. Every 10 pages you will form a chapter of the Book, and for each completed chapter Vulgrim will give you a key that opens a tomb containing a Legendary item. Doing a bit of math we discover that the tombs to be found are 4 in total and their position is shown in the video below.

Blackroots side quests
"Stone on Stone" (Sticks and Stones)
Award: Guillotine
You will find this immobile cluster called Blackroot at the beginning of the Fjord on your first visit there. The creature is running out of stones and needs to eat. There are three different types of stones (Mystics, Power and Stamina) that you can take after getting the gun as you need to shoot them with this one. Follow the guide to collectibles to find them all.

Oran side quests
"Wondering Stone"
Reward: XP and gold
You will be able to see him in the Fjord lands towards the end of the harbor, but he cannot be awakened until the Creator's Key is received. The key can be obtained after completing Drenchfort and restoring the Forge. Once done, Oran will ask you to find four of his limbs. Follow the video to see where to find them.

"Lost Relics"
Reward: Abyssal Gloves
You will meet Ostegoth for the first time when the tree of life takes you to the Realm of the Dead. He will be the first person you see and will give you the quest for the relics. There are three sets of relics totaling 30. Follow the guide to collectibles to find them all.

Chancellor side quests
"Chancellor's Quarry"
Award: Pillager
The angel Nathaniel, in Lostlight, will give you two scrolls, one of them is for the Chancellor of the Eternal Throne. Once the scroll is delivered, he will ask you to solve the Soul Arbiter's Maze. You will need to find 20 scrolls and defeat the Soul Arbiter boss. Follow the guide to collectibles to find them all. To overcome the Labyrinth and beat the boss, follow the guide / solution to the maze of the Arbiter of Souls.

Nathaniel side quests
"L'anima perduta" (The Lost Soul)
Reward: XP and gold
As explained for the previous quest the angel Nathaniel, in Lostlight, will give you two scrolls. To complete this mission, take one of these scrolls to the Chancellor of the Eternal Throne (here you will receive the "Chancellor's Quarry" quest) and the other to Muria in Tri-Stone (here you will receive the "Spark of Life" quest).

Uriel side quests
"Light of the Fallen"
Award: Sunder
On Earth, talk to Uriel about his fallen comrades who are being tortured. He wants you to release them from their condemnation. There are 10 in all. The video below will show you where everyone is.


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