Dead Hand puzzle guide

    Dragon Age Inquisition Dead Hand Puzzle Guide / Solution [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]

    Dead Hand puzzle guide


    Let's see how to solve this intricate puzzle.

    Dead Hand puzzle guide

    In the Exalted Plains, the northern region of the Dragon Age Inquisition game world, you may come across an underground area with a locked door leading to the Raven Marshes.

    The dungeon in front of the statue of the "Dead hand" hides a particular puzzle / enigma consisting of 4 orbs with the statue of an Archer in the center. As you explore the area you will also discover two buttons and a plate that can be lowered.

    To open the door you have to solve this puzzle, using making the characters interact in order to activate, one after the other, all four orbs.

    Below you will find two videos showing how to complete the whole process and solve this puzzle.

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