Dead Island Riptide: Best Weapons Guide [360-PS3-PC]

Dead Island Riptide: Best Weapons Guide [360-PS3-PC]


Put some flowers in your rocket launchers.

As it should be, the gameplay of Dead Island Riptide is centered on the need to face hordes of zombies, and since the attempts to chase them away with vigorous "Shoo, shoo, cursed, shoo" do not produce noteworthy results (avoid trying , the undersigned confirms it), throughout the game you cannot fail to go in search of the best weapons to kill zombies already dead (infamous life).

In this guide we will therefore see which are the most powerful weapons of Dead Island Riptide and how they are located without having to work too much. In this regard, we also recommend that you read the guide to find the best weapon modifications.

Legendary Weapons (Orange)
By continuing to play you will surely have found weapons highlighted in the inventory with different colors: in addition to the sidearms which are the standard ones and therefore weaker, you will be able to find gradually higher quality weapons, namely the Green, Blue and finally the Orange ones, which are by far the most powerful and devastating. The finding of these weapons is quite random, but as we have already explained in the guide to find the Legendary weapons there is a trick that (even if a bit lengthy) allows you to have the guarantee of always finding a different one. Also remember to spend the money raised in the game (or earned with the trick to have infinite money) to modify and upgrade your weapons to the maximum, thanks to the upgrades in fact you will inflict much more damage to those fetus zombies.

Sniper rifle with infinite ammo
Well, you can't do without this weapon. Shooting a zombie with a shot placed right on the upper gums is priceless. There is a way to easily find this weapon and have infinite ammo. Continue through the main story until you have access to the Pinai Ferry Station (more or less in the middle of the game). Near the station you will notice a large billboard with a truck and a large wrench printed on it. On the back of the billboard you will find a ladder, go up to find the sniper rifle and some ammunition. Collect everything, go back to the "Fast Travel" point and go anywhere. Soon after, go back to the Pinai Ferry Station and at the top of the billboard you will find the rifle and ammunition again. Repeat as many times as you like to have infinite ammo for your sniper rifle. Here is a video showing it all:

Shotgun with infinite ammo
Another very powerful weapon that you certainly cannot miss. You'll find one at the Palanai military outpost in Henderson. Go to the military base and near the fast travel map you will find a shotgun and ammo. After you have everything, to have infinite ammo for this weapon, use the fast travel and go to any other location, then come back here to find more ammo. Repeat as many times as you like.

Infinite rocket launchers and ammo
The non plus ultra. With the rocket launcher you can paint the whole island of zombies, especially because even for this weapon there is a trick to have infinite ammunition. To find the Rocket Launcher, go through the main story until you have access to Henderson Ferry Station. Use the fast travel to get to Henderson Ferry Station, once in game head southwest until you reach the quarantine area. Go up the stairs and in a corner you will see an elevated post with a ladder. Climb the ladder and from above the post you can climb over the fence of the quarantine area. Once inside you will have to fight a lot of zombies, but the reward will be respectable: the rocket launcher with ammunition plus other weapons. To get out of the quarantine zone you'll have to die and start from the last checkpoint, but the good news is that the rocket launcher will still be with you! Now you can use a fast travel map to go elsewhere, then return to Henderson Ferry Station and repeat this process to get more ammo for the rocket launcher. Here is a video that shows it all

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