Destiny 2: here's how to activate heroic public events

Destiny 2: here's how to activate heroic public events

Playing at Destiny 2 you will surely have come across one or more public events, the fast timed missions that require you to meet certain objectives by giving you, upon their completion, a very juicy case, but perhaps you do not know that these can be given a greater degree of challenge. Yes, thanks to some simple precautions it will be possible to bring these events to a heroic level, giving you a greater chance to drop legendary and exotic armament in the face of a higher level of challenge.

Destiny 2: here's how to activate heroic public eventsBelow we list all the possible public events present in Destiny 2 and how to take them to heroic level:

Lumen extractor

This event is divided into three different waves where you will be required to annihilate several objectives before they manage to escape with the precious resource. There will be four enemies to be destroyed, three immediately available and a last one that will enter only after their death: ignore them! In fact, your aim is to destroy the energy node (the one that creates a sort of beam of light), and only then can you dedicate yourself to the total annihilation of your opponents. Repeat this for three waves. If done right, the heroic level will activate when the third energy node is destroyed.


The event is divided into two different tranches. In the first you have to destroy the minor minion which makes the main one invulnerable, in the second you have to destroy all three minor minions before they leave the battlefield. If you succeed, the boss will go crazy and you will unlock the heroic challenge level.

Cabal digger

In this case our main task is to take over a Cabal drill. After surviving numerous assaults and bringing our target capture to around 50%, a Cabal transport ship will enter. Our goal will be to destroy it before it escapes (don't worry if you can't destroy it on the first try, it will come back a second time keeping the damage you inflicted). Once down, and you will unlock the heroic event.

Destiny 2: here's how to activate heroic public eventsWalker of the fallen

Whenever you destroy a walker's leg, three energy spheres will appear which must be taken to the surrounding force fields. Each barrier is created by two generators and each of these can contain a sphere: by activating the two generators you will be able to eliminate the force field. To get to the heroic level, simply deactivate all three barriers before destroying the walker.

Beehive ritual

This event is linked to the presence of the Wizards and to activate the heroic level it is first necessary to eliminate the two single Wizards. Once this is done, two crystals protected by a shield will appear next to the portal. Your goal is to destroy them, causing the portal to collapse. If you do everything right you will activate the heroic variant of the event.

Confluence Vex

Activating the heroic event is very simple: you will have to position yourself on the three Vex platforms and wait inside them until the indicator reaches 100%. The platforms are not visible, but just follow the light beams coming from the center of the central confluence.

Destiny 2: here's how to activate heroic public eventsCorrupted Plague

The event begins by creating a main plague which in turn will give rise to a series of secondary plagues. The former is completely immune to your hits, but entering its offshoots will trigger a momentary effect that will allow you to inflict damage on it. Your goal is therefore to enter the secondary wounds, and then come out and hit the primary wound. Once this is destroyed, the heroic variant will activate.

Cabal injector

This event involves the killing of three psykers followed by the elimination of a boss. To activate the heroic variant it will be necessary to take advantage of the three vents that will open whenever we kill a psionicist. The first to open will be those at the top, followed by those in the intermediate area and finally those positioned at the bottom. Your goal will be to destroy all the vents being careful of the damage inflicted by the containment dome.

If you are interested in finding out how to get the exotic gear linked to the missions of Destiny 2, you can find our guide directly at this link. We just have to wish you a good game!

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