Destiny 2: how to get the Sturm Exotic Hand Cannon

The surprises (and the feats) never end, so here we are again for a guide to Destiny 2. This time I will explain how to get it Storm, a refined exotic hand cannon with extremely interesting perks, and the Urge, sidearm twin of its golden counterpart. These two weapons, if used correctly, will allow you to fire in bursts without ever reloading: kills with Sturm reload Drang and vice versa, a perfect match for PvE!

After completing the story and reaching level 20, go up Nessus to kick off the mission:

  • First of all you will have to complete the quest "Oh, captain!" assigned to you by Failsafe: you will face many Vex, but at the end of the quest you will immediately receive the aforementioned Urge.

Nice, right? Along with it you will receive a letter for the cryptarchs, so head over from Rahool to go to the next step.

  • To decode the letter you will have to perform three tasks: decrypt five legendary engrams, an exotic engram (you can very well keep what you get at the end of the campaign) ed kill ten Fallen on Nessus with Drang.
  • Go back to Rahool who will tell you to talk to Tyra karn in the Refuge, and after showing the letter to her too you must kill ten major / ultra Fallen (NB: yellow life enemies) and do ten multi-kills of Fallen (at least two kills without reloading), all on Nessus and continuing to use the sidearm you got earlier.
  • We have reached the last stage of the quest: return to Tyra Karn and unlock a mission on Nessus: when completing it, remember to kill a minion called Kendricks-7, located in a room just before the boss, and once done you can claim the coveted Sturm simply by returning from the Refuge cryptarch.

Now the twin guns are together again, and you have to hold them! For now, the exotic quests end here, but we are sure that the raid will bring with it some new mystery. Guardians, see you next time!

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