Dishonored - Ending Guide [Low and High Chaos]

Dishonored - Ending Guide [Low and High Chaos]


The presence of two different endings in Dishonored it was never a secret. Already in the early stages of the game, some messages that appear on the video during the loading screens warn that the unfolding of the story and its epilogue will depend on our actions during the adventure, suggesting that the longer the trail of blood we will leave behind. our shoulders, the more likely we are to see the worst ending.

There are two possible endings in Dishonored, one with a Low Chaos level and the other with a High Case level.

Il High Chaos it corresponds, if we want to put it in these terms, to negative karma. Continue to slice enemies without worrying about triggering the alarms, avoid helping others and generally behaving well and you will have no difficulty in reaching the final High Chaos.

See the Final Chaos Low instead it is another story, since it should be the best ending. Low Chaos in Dishonored means killing as few enemies as possible (including mission objectives) while remaining virtually invisible for the duration of the Campaign. At Resources4gaming we have prepared a guide with many good tips to complete the entire game without killing anyone, which will surely lead you to see the Low Chaos ending.

For those who have already finished the game and do not want to replay it to see the other ending, below I also propose the videos with the two endings, which I clearly advise against watching if you have not finished your game yet.

SPOILER !!! Dishonored High Chaos Finale

SPOILER !!! Dishonored Low Chaos Finale

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