"Don't Get Down" Trophy Guide

InFamous Second Son - Stay in the air and fly for over 45 seconds


It seems difficult, but flying for 45 seconds, "if a while ago".

"Don't Get Down" Trophy Guide

This is one of the more complicated trophies in the game, but with a little bit of effort you can make it. If you wait until the end of the game and try to unlock it in the post-game in free mode it will be easier, but there is also a way (a little more difficult) to unlock it during the campaign. Let's see them both.

Important: follow the InFamous Second Son trophy guide to unlock all the other trophies in the game.

1) This is the simplest way. After beating the game, in the post-game you will acquire a power that will allow you to do long glides during falls. Then go up to one of the tallest buildings in the game, launch and use this power to prolong the glide as much as possible. You will unlock the trophy when you get to the ground. Watch the video

2) This method is a little more complex, but you can do it immediately after acquiring the video power (it unlocks in the second half of the game) and after purchasing the "Airwave" ability for this power. When you have both, go to the tallest skyscraper in the game (North Island, Belltown neighborhood) and climb to the top. Equip the video power, then use the dish to make you shoot up. In the air, press the X button to begin gliding and then hold the left stick back. You will have no difficulty in exceeding 45 seconds of flight. Watch the video

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