Drive infinite money and weapons

Dying Light: infinite money trick and weapon duplication [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]

An exploit that allows us to obtain a lot of money.

Drive infinite money and weapons

As we have already seen for many other games, even in Dying Light it is possible to take advantage of a small exploit of the game that allows you to accumulate a lot of money by duplicating weapons (which you will obviously sell to earn money). Here's how it works.

Please note: the exploit is very likely to be patched, so it may no longer work with updated versions of the game.

This glitch / exploit allows you to duplicate any melee weapon, anywhere, anytime. All you need is the "Throw Melee" skill. Proceed as follows:

1) Purchase the Throw Melee Weapons skill
2) equip your most valuable melee weapon (if you don't have one, buy one). The higher its value, the more money you will get for reselling duplicate copies!
3) Throw the weapon (press the right stick twice) and, when the weapon is in midair, immediately open the inventory. You will see that the weapon is still there, so discard it to make it fall to the ground. In this way you have duplicated the weapon, because on the ground you will find both the one you launched and the one you discarded from the inventory.
4) Repeat the process as many times as you like and then sell all the duplicates to earn money, but remember to keep one for use or to keep duplicating.

This is a good way to too always have the weapons in excellent condition: you can use a duplicate against zombies and keep a copy intact that you will duplicate every time you need a new weapon.

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Here is also a video showing the process.

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