Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance - D&D action RPG preview

Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance - D&D action RPG preview

Born as a board game in the distant 80s, Dungeons and Dragons it has now become one of the best known works in the world, with games that are started - and obviously prolonged for tens of hours that seem to pass within a minute - in every plausible place where it is possible to gather some players and a master. With the evolution of time, however, the formula of the magnificent world of D&D has been expanded to other mediums as well. During the The Game Awards 2019 - Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance it was in fact announced, and the latter is expected to hit shelves towards the end of next year.

We are talking about a game with excellent initial premises, that the publisher W (author of the hugely popular card game Magic: The Gathering), he immediately decided to better support. Furthermore, it has recently been stated that 7 or 8 titles that will follow this trend are currently in the planning stage. The work on this latest adventure, however, began thanks to the developer based in Montreal: Tuque Games.

The game was conceived in 2017, and the actual project was carried out by only 12 employees, ready to give their best despite their particularly small number. Currently, in 2019, the work has about 60 people dedicated to taking care of it, who do not, however, sleep particularly peacefully. Those who work on this product are in fact called to revive the historical saga loved by a huge slice of the public from another perspective, even if with rather scarce means. After carefully viewing the announcement trailer presented, we have analyzed all the details present on the net inherent to Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance, and we are ready to tell you about it in detail.Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance - D&D action RPG preview

The beginning of the revisitation of Dungeons and Dragons

With premises concerning the indie market and pointing to that of triple A, Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance has officially shown itself with a trailer that already has many flaws probably concerning production limits, which we hope can be relegated exclusively to the CG. The direction is somewhat strange, the models and animations not absolutely finished and the public has already begun to lash out strongly at the developers under the official trailer video, implying the game is being developed with Garry's Mod.

Nevertheless, the work was born with more than noble intentions, which should certainly be deepened and not denigrated a priori as a part - unfortunately significant - of the public tends to do. The game's main focus is on reinventing D&D, in order to allow the new generation of players to chew the entire game concept and the endless universe that the narrative universe in question presents in a different way.

In fact, Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance wants to be an exclusively spiritual successor of the beloved Baldur's Gate: Dark alliance, as the name of the new work obviously also reminds us. The currently confirmed characters who are part of the historical lore are Drizzt Do'Urden, Cattie-Brie, Bruenor, and Wulfgar, who will take on the task of telling the story in a rather different but respectful of tradition.


Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance, an action RPG with eyes on the new generation

Given the release scheduled for late 2020, it is highly plausible that this title wants to be one of the first to come out for the next generation of consoles, perhaps considering the possibility of cross-gen. The idea of ​​the game is certainly not much abused, since it seems we will have an action RPG in our hands with a fundamental loot system inside, but with some peculiar characteristics. Despite the single player it will in fact be present the whole concept is designed to play with friends or companions found online, a situation that will be made possible thanks also to the presence of the split-screen. There will be no other players to defeat as in the classic MMOs, because the opponents will be "only" the terrible monsters ready to block the path of adventurers.Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance - D&D action RPG preview

It seems that the adventure mainly wants to bring to life the original adventure of D&D, but precisely from a new perspective. The task of the whole experience will be to guide the player, as stated in a recent interview released by the development team, but in a way that is as similar as it is different to how a Dungeon Master would. Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance is not intended as a port of the famous board-game and therefore wants to be revolutionary while remaining faithful to the events narrated in the lore. The camera itself will in fact be positioned behind the backs of the players, to guarantee an immersion that the titles with turn-based combat can hardly give in these cases and a new perspective also from the point of view of the gameplay.

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