Dying Light - Trophy List + Secret Trophies [PS4]

Dying Light - Trophy List + Secret Trophies [PS4]


Here is the list of Trophies for Playstation 4 of Dying Light

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum


Remedies for the disaster

Take 15 rescue packs


We have to help each other

Save 15 survivors from zombies


A wolf is a human being

Save 15 survivors from Rais's men


7 lucky charms

Win 7 Cooperative Races


Harran's Labors

Take part in 10 Cooperative Races


Sales office

Sell ​​items totaling $ 10.000


Is it really necessary?

Kill your first infected


And now let's dance

Shock 5 monsters at the same time


Hands down

Kill 20 enemies in a row without taking damage


This is Harraaaaan!

Kill 100 enemies by kicking them off a roof or into a ravine


Ssssh, be quiet

Shut up a screamer



Stick a burning zombie


Safe hand

Kill 50 enemies with thrown weapons


The Harran Shooting Club

Kill 50 enemies with ranged weapons



Capture 25 enemies with an electrified fence trap


Blinded by the light

Blind 25 Nocturnes with rockets or a flashlight


At high altitude

Kill 25 enemies with Knockout or Air Strike


Judo master

Push 50 enemies with the Grapple



Blind 25 enemies with the light trap


Little craftsman

Create your first item


Master craftsman

Use blueprints at least 100 times


open Sesame

Open 10 locks with the picks


Everyone knows Kyle

Reach Survival rank level. 12



Reach Agility Efficiency Lv. 10



Reach Strength Efficiency Lv. 10


I'll cover you

Complete 1 co-op mission



Complete 5 missions in a single co-op session with the same 3 playmates


Spanish Plumber

Kill an enemy with a wrench and using Vault followed by Air Strike


Gabriel's sword

Add a searing elemental effect to a sword or kopesh


A nice flight

Dive into the water from the Bridge of Infamy (Slums) at night


On the hunt for lightning

Capture 5 lightning bolts


Runner and fighter

Complete 15 Agility or Strength Challenges


Border crossing

Complete all quarantine zones


Maximum security

Conquer all the Shelters



Run (normally or sprint) for at least 42.195 meters


Mount Everest

Climb at least 8.848 meters on various objects


Wide open mouth

Kill a nocturnal


An important evening

Survive a level two or higher night pursuit


The legend of Harran

Reach Survival rank level. 18


Reading is important

Find all collectible lyrics


The whole story

Complete all side missions


We talk about it when we meet again.

Collect all trophies

Dying Light Secret Trophies

Crane's flight

Jump from the crane


My left or yours?

Meet Rais


Snake lurking

Escape the arena



Reach the Old Town


What is that face?

Show the outside world that you are still alive


Closed accounts

Occupati in Tahir


Now you can enter

Find Camden



Turn on the amplifier


Bitter sweet

Complete the game

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