Easy XP Cheats: How to level up fast

Borderlands 2 - How to earn XP fast and level up


In the titles like like Borderlands 2 everything revolves around the experience. Thanks to the accumulated XP it is possible to level up, unlock new weapons, have access to new skills. If you want, leveling the character is one of the main purposes of the game. Do we want to be caught unprepared ???

Easy XP Cheats: How to level up fast

If the normal progression of the game seems a little too slow and you want to have immediate access to the best weapons and skills, the solution is to find a way to gain experience quickly. Below are two proven methods (at least until patched) for earn lots of XP in a short time and level up the character at the speed of light.

Tiny Tina's mission
In Tundra Express, complete all the missions entrusted to you by Tiny Tina. This will give you access to the mission "You are cordially invited: RSVP". In this mission you will need to find Flesh to bring him back to Tina's party. Instead of doing this by completing the mission, kill him to gain a lot of XP (depending on your level). The mission will be marked "Failed", but if you go back to Tina you will get the job again, so you can go back to killing Flesh one more time. Repeat as many times as you like, until you have earned the desired XP. Here is a video showing the process:


Another video showing the same glithc:


Level 26 and above
An alternative method is shown in the video below. The mission shown in the video is part of the main story, so you can't skip it and you will definitely find it. Find the robot as shown in the video, toast it well, cash in Eridium and XP, then save and reload to repeat the whole process.

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