Enigma guide of the altars

    Guide / Walkthrough Puzzle Altars Chapter 6 The Evil Within [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]

    Enigma guide of the altars


    Here is the solution for one of the puzzles that we will entertain by playing The Evil Within

    Enigma guide of the altars

    Also in this case it is not an impossible puzzle, but for those who do not like to squeeze their brains too much here is how to proceed.

    In the room with the 4 altars and the bodies hanging above, on a wall we will notice four numbers written in blood. Examine the altars to find that each one has a number imprinted on it, corresponding to a number on the wall. The solution to the puzzle is quite simple: to open the passage blocked by the spikes you will have to lower the altars that correspond to the numbers crossed out on the wall and leave the others up. To raise and lower the altars you will have to interact with the levers positioned near each of them (you will notice that one of the altars does not have the lever, that will remain as it is).

    This video shows how to solve the puzzle, but be careful because your numbers may be different from those shown in the video, so pay attention to which numbers are crossed out in your game.

    Here is the video (watch from 13:00 to jump to the puzzle section right away), and remember to check out The Evil Within cheats and guides tab for other helpful guides on this game.

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