FIFA 17 Trophy Guide [Platinum PS4]

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FIFA 17 Trophy Guide [Platinum PS4]


Here is the complete solution to unlock all FIFA 17 Trophies. In this guide, the tips from to unlock all achievements and reach Platinum on Playstation 4.

Also remember to consult the FIFA 17 tricks and guides tab which collects all the guides for this game.


A blade of grass
Score with a low shot.
To make a low shot, just make a shot with a quick and short press of the shot button (circle). Better to corner and try when you are face to face with the goalkeeper.
A penalty in fits and starts
Transform a penalty kick after stopping the run-up.
Remember that it cannot be done in the arena, but it can be done using a second controller. To stop running, press L2 as you approach the ball.
The class is not here
Score a goal from a free-kick with an outside shot.
Follow the video that I propose that explains in great detail how to throw free kicks from outside. To make things easier, play on the lowest difficulty
Aerial threat
Score a goal with a crushed header.
To make a crushed header you will need to make a cross and then quickly press the shot button twice with the player receiving the ball. It will take several tries, better if you try using two controllers. Watch the video
Sidereal distance
Score a goal from long range action (from 22,9 meters or more) with a defender.
It may seem very difficult, but if you fix the slides as shown in the video that I propose, sooner or later you will do it too. Watch the video and remember that you have to do it with a defender:
Lethal corners
Score two corner kicks in one match.
It won't be easy. Choose a team with tall players and earn corners by firing shots on goal from afar, hoping the keeper doesn't block and pushes back for a corner. The simpler alternative is the usual one: play with a second controller and everything will become easier.
Hide the ball
Score a goal after 10 consecutive passes in the opponent's last third of the pitch.
Set the lowest difficulty, take the ball, go close to the opponent's area, make 10 consecutive passes (even between only two players) and then score without ever losing the ball.
First exchange
Complete your first Squad Building Challenge in FIFA Ultimate Team.
Simple enough, you'll unlock it along with the Teamwork trophy
Complete your first group of Squad Building Challenges in FIFA Ultimate Team.
Very simple, complete a group of the new squad creation challenges of the Ultimate Team mode.
Show what you're worth!
Debut of a player purchased on the transfer market in FIFA Ultimate Team as a starting or replacement.
Buy any player from the market and then have them play in a game of Ultimate Team mode.
Training run
Win all 4 matches of a single player FUT Draft session in FIFA Ultimate Team.
You will have to play the Draft mode against the CPU which makes things easier than the "Showdown" trophy as you can set the difficulty to a minimum here. Play a Draft session and win all 4 matches to unlock the trophy.
Half full
In FIFA Ultimate Team, hit 50 goals with a player in your club.
First of all remember that it must be done with the same card, which means that if you sell the same player and then buy him back his goals will NOT be added up. Take a good striker, always keep him in the team and sooner or later you will reach 50 goals. Some users report having reached 50 goals with the same player and, although his 50 goals were also mentioned in the commentary, the trophy has not unlocked. If this bug happens to you too, keep scoring a few more goals with the same player to see if it unlocks, otherwise you'll have to buy another one and try again.
Friendship proof
Win a Friendly Season in FIFA Ultimate Team.
You have to play with a friend on your friends list and get to 9 points. To do this first your friend can leave the game for three consecutive games, you will also unlock this trophy.
Study trip
Sign a player on loan from the EAS FC Catalog.
Very simple, open the EAS FC catalog and spend your EAS FC credits (which are different from FUT credits) to borrow a player from the various items that can be purchased in the catalog. EAS FC credits are earned by leveling up, if you have the saves from previous FIFA you will surely already have them available.
The chemistry of FUT
Apply your first Chemistry Style consumable in FIFA Ultimate Team.
Buy an intended style item from the FUT market or use one you found in some pack, apply it to one of your players and this trophy will be yours too.
Test bench
Challenge the Team of the Week in FIFA Ultimate Team and complete the match.
From the FUT mode menu, go to the team of the week screen and play a match by completing it. You don't need to win.
Captain, my captain!
Change your captain in FIFA Ultimate Team.
From the squad settings in FUT mode, change the captain, very simple.
Public relations
Complete a Brand Renown achievement in Career mode.
Goals are a new feature added to Career mode. To unlock this trophy you will need to complete one of the Objectives in the Renown category.
Money, money, money!
Complete a Finance objective in Career mode.
Goals are a new feature added to Career mode. To unlock this trophy you will need to complete one of the Objectives in the Finance category.
Budding champions
Complete a Youth Growth achievement in Career mode.
Goals are a new feature added to Career mode. To unlock this trophy you will need to complete one of the Objectives in the Finance category.
May the best man win
Complete a Multiplayer Skill Test.
You will need a second controller to play a multiplayer skill test. These skill tests, in fact, are NOT found together with the others in the skill tests menu, but are ONLY proposed before starting a multiplayer game with two controllers. Complete the trial with any result and you will unlock this Trophy.
A little help?
Play a full game with FIFA Trainer directions active.
The FIFA trainer (that is, the hints of the buttons to press displayed next to the player during the game) must be active from the beginning to the end of the game. So, before starting a game, activate it from the game settings and make sure you never press the R3 key, otherwise you will deactivate it and you will not unlock this trophy.
Match game?
Play a game on the fly in Pro Club mode.
Create your virtual player and then jump into a quick match, you don't need to win to unlock this trophy.
Without resentment?
Complete an Online Friendlies Season.
The description of this trophy is wrong, because to unlock the result you must actually WIN a season of online friendlies, so it is not enough to complete it. You have to play with a friend on your friends list and get to 9 points.
And it does not end here!
Complete and win your first league match in Pro Club Seasons mode.
After creating your virtual player, you will need to find / create a Pro Club, with at least one other player. Once done, play a game and win it. Try to work together with your teammates and sooner or later you should win at least one game. You can also join a public pro club game and try to win with other randomly found players.
That's better!
Spend one skill point in Pro Club mode.
Keep playing this mode to earn your first skill points, so spend them as you please.
Team spirit
Join a club in Pro Club mode with your Online Footballer and play your first match.
As per the description, there isn't much to recommend here.
Santa Claus
Gift an item from the EA SPORTS Football Club Catalog.
By accessing the EAS FC catalog you can unlock various items (loan players, celebrations, bonuses to earn credits, etc.) by spending the points earned by leveling up in the FIFA multiplayer component. By selecting any object in the catalog you will notice that there is also the option to give it to a friend. Do it to unlock this trophy.
Purchase an item from the EA SPORTS Football Club Catalog.
As explained in the previous trophy, only to get this trophy you would have to unlock the item for you.
Play a women's soccer match.
As per the description, just play a game, you don't need to win it.
Score 5 goals in a women's soccer match.
If you don't manage to score 5, set the difficulty lower and it will be a walk.
Do it in style
Score a goal with an elegant finish in a women's soccer match.
It might not be that easy. To score with an elegant finish you have to shoot using the combination L2 + R1 + Circle. Again the advice is to play on lower difficulty or using a second controller. Remember that you have to do this in a women's soccer match. Watch the video
One look is enough
Score by serving an assist with a calibrated through ball.
For the calibrated filter you will have to press the R1 + Triangle keys. Then the receiver has to score.
Movie director
Perform 3 passes. successful calibrated filters with the same game. in the last third of the field oppon.
For the calibrated filter you will have to press the R1 + Triangle keys. They do not have to be consecutive, the important thing is to make three (successful) ones in a single game.
Win on penalties without missing a single one.
Play against the CPU on the lowest difficulty and draw to get to penalties, then score them all. If you have a second controller, everything will be easier by keeping the goalkeeper stationary.
Win a division title in Seasons mode in FIFA Ultimate Team.
You have to finish first in a season of the seasons mode. Obviously it will be easier in the lower divisions, in the 10th division, in fact, 12 points in 10 games will be enough to win the title.
Here we are...
Win the division title in Online Head-to-Head Seasons (by playing matches).
Same thing as the "Champions" trophy, but for this you will have to do it in the Online Head-to-Head seasons.
The best of the best
Win the Women's International Cup tournament.
Again, set the lowest difficulty and everything will go smoothly. Win the competition to unlock the trophy. Obviously, take this opportunity to unlock the other trophies related to women's football.
Complete all the exercises of the 1 week workout with an A in The Journey (without simulating)
These are practically the challenges we have always found in the skill tests of previous FIFAs. There are two exercises for each week, so you'll need to score A in both week-long challenges. Remember that the first part of the tutorial doesn't count.
A peso d'oro
Reach a market value of £ 8.000.000 in The Journey mode.
Play well, play for the team and strive to achieve the goals set in each match. Only by reaching the goals you have set will you have more chances to play as a starter and therefore increase your value. By playing this way you should be able to safely reach this milestone by the end of The Journey mode. An important thing is to finish first in the selections. If you fail to reach the required value by the end of The Journey, unfortunately, you will miss this trophy and have to repeat the entire mode. Playing on a lower difficulty will help you get all the objectives more easily.
Social star

Reach 50.000 followers in The Journey.
Follow the guide to increase followers in FIFA 17's Journey mode.

The attack starts with the goalkeeper

Score a goal from a counterattack that started with a straight throw by the goalkeeper.
To take the goalkeeper's throw you have to press the R1 + X keys. Play with a 5-star team against a 1-star team, then try to do as shown in the video:

Strength test
Win all 4 matches of an online FUT Draft session in FIFA Ultimate Team.
You will have to play Draft mode online against a human opponent, which makes things very complicated. Play an ONLINE Draft session and win all 4 games to unlock the trophy, there are not many tips to give, you have to win.
The best is yet to come
Complete The Journey.
Follow the advice given for the "Golden Weight" trophy and you will get to the end of this mode without any problems. The Journey mode includes Game Over, but you will still have the option to restart from a previous save, so you just need to roll until the end of the season to still get this trophy.
Master of the game
Unlock all other trophies (excluding additional content trophies).
I wish you to do it with the help of our guide !!!

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