Final Fantasy 13-2 - Paradox Ending Guide [360-PS3]

    Final Fantasy 13-2 - Paradox Ending Guide [360-PS3]

    Final Fantasy 13-2 - Paradox Ending Guide [360-PS3]

    Traveling back and forth in time and taking actions before or after the present can cause temporal paradoxes. This is just what happens in Final Fantasy XIII-2 where much of the post-match game is about i different endings of the game related to the paradox.

    To unlock the"Extradimensional Vision" achievement / trophy you will have to see all these paradoxical endings, including the secret one, which is by no means an easy task.

    First of all you need to know that to unlock some endings, a special fragment called Paradoscope which is only unlocked after finishing the main story of the game (at which point you can find it in Serendipity in the Temptation Plaza). By enabling the Paradoscope you will activate alternate versions of the battles in the main story that will unlock the various endings.

    • Final 1 - Destiny and Freedom / New Bodhun (Episode 5) (paradoscope NOT required)
    • Final 2 - A Gigantic Mistake / Berash Ruins (005 DD) (paradoscope NOT required)
    • Final 3 - The Truth of Vanille / Oerba (200 DD) (paradoscope REQUIRED)
    • Final 4 - Pudding Scaccia Pudding / Sunleth Reserve (300 DD) (paradoscope NOT required)
    • Final 5 - Experiments / Agastya Tower (200 DD) (paradoscope REQUIRED)
    • Final 6 - The future is hope / Academya (4XX DD) (paradoscope REQUIRED)
    • Final 7 - A Timeless Sky / The Void Beyond (Episode 5) (paradoscope REQUIRED)
    • Final 8 - Legacy of Chaos / Dying World (700 DD) (paradoscope REQUIRED)

    in addition to these, as already mentioned above, there is a final ending (the secret one) which is certainly the most challenging to obtain

    • Secret ending - The Goddess is Dead / Academya (500 DD) (paradoscope REQUIRED + all 160 fragments found)

    To get this secret ending with the Paradoscope activated, go to Academya (500 DD) and defeat Caius and the final boss. Wait for the credits to scroll to get the secret sequence. To find all the fragments, refer to the guide dedicated to the topic.

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