For Honor: Orochi Warrior attacks, skills and strategies

Heroes Guide For Honor: Samurai Orochi [how to use, strategies and tips]

For Honor: Orochi Warrior attacks, skills and strategies


In this guide we see how to best use one of the heroes present in For Honor, the Orochi, with all its characteristics, secrets, abilities and attacks.

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The Orochi are the imperial assassins of the samurai. They move on the battlefield like ghosts, terrorizing and slaughtering the unfortunate who cross their footsteps. Skilled in the art of stealth and deception and equipped with light armor, they dispose of enemies using a katana. Often loyal to death, the Orochi are custodians of the countless dark arts samurai use to kill, from lethal throwing knives to poisoned blades.

For Honor: Orochi Warrior attacks, skills and strategies
  • Difficulty: High
  • Assassin fighting style
  • Counterattack Expert
  • Lightning fast attacks
  • They can dodge and then make lightning attacks
  • Ability to deflect shots

For Honor: Orochi special abilities

Tier 1

  • Kiai - Stun nearby enemies with a shout
  • Iron Lungs - Passive: You can still run when you run out of stamina
  • Bounty Hunter - Passive: Gain life and stamina by killing another hero

Tier 2

  • Kunai - throws a dagger
  • Revenge Attacks - Passive: Attacks fill the Revenge gauge
  • Smoke Bomb - throws a smoke bomb that breaks the opponent's guard

Tier 3

  • Long Bow - use the longbow to shoot arrows
  • Slip Through - Passive: Dodging increases the attack bar for a short period of time
  • Sharpen Blade - attacks add Bleed for a short period of time

Tier 4

  • Nail Bomb - a trap that deals Bleed damage in its area of ​​effect
  • Fear Itself - Enemies around you have their attack and defense stats decreased
  • Arrow Storm - air strike that deals damage in multiple areas

Here is a video showing exactly all the best moves and combos to perform with the Orochi Warrior

Orochi deviation

It is performed to dodge in the direction of an incoming attack, before the attack. This basically opens up the opportunity to land two different types of attacks. The first is a fast light attack called Wind Gust and the second is a heavy attack called Hurricane Blast. It is important to note that Wind Gust cannot be blocked.

"Wind Gust" attack by the Orochi

As mentioned above, you can make a "Wind Gust" attack that cannot be blocked following a deflection that deals a good amount of damage and can open up to other opportunities. To be absolutely taken into consideration.

Orochi "Hurricane Blast" attack

Hurricane Blast does far more damage than Wind Gust, but can be avoided if your opponent hits first. It is possible, however, to cancel this attack at any time and switch to Wind Gust to take the opponent by surprise.

"Storm Rush" attack by the Orochi

This is one of the best attacks available to the Orochi. Whenever you manage to land this attack, you should immediately follow up with a quick two hit combo as this attack leaves the opponent vulnerable for a while. However, it is recommended to use this attack only as a counterattack attempt, because it is not very fast and can be easily repelled by the most skilled opponents. Note that Storm Rush allows you to attack from both the left and right sides.

"Zephyr Slash" attack by the Orochi

This Orochi attack can be used both as an offensive attack and as a defensive attack. The attack should allow you to dodge both left and right of your opponent and land a light attack at the same time. If you are worried about it being blocked, you can feint and dodge a couple of times without attacking and then surprise the opponent with the attack. Also, this attack is a great way to get close to your opponent quickly, but must be used with caution against more skilled enemies.

"Riptide Strike" attack by the Orochi

This attack is largely a hit or miss for a lot of players and should be practiced a lot before being used in battle. It is basically a counterattack that allows you to retreat before the forward lunge to land a heavy attack. It is important to note that the attack cannot be canceled and that the distance covered by Riptide Strike is relative to that of Storm Rush. Therefore it is possible that your opponents will be able to dodge backwards causing you to fail, resulting in a very harsh punishment. As mentioned above, I recommend that you practice this technique before using it in a battle. Finally, note that the attack is really fast and can catch opponents off guard if you manage to land it from close range.

The Orochi compared to other warriors

The Orochi are weak against the Enforcers and Nobushi while they are quite strong when pitted against the Guardians and Peacekeepers. This is because Orochi is capable of dealing an enormous amount of damage per second and can face every hero in the game one vs one when used by a skilled player. However, this hero is essentially very fragile and dies quite quickly. This is why we said earlier that Orochi is undoubtedly one of the most difficult heroes to master.

If you want to do well with an Orochi, you need to master the counterattack technique. Even though this warrior has a couple of aces up his sleeve, his overall range is quite short which combines with very low health which can be reset really fast.

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