For Honor: Valkyrie attacks, skills and strategies

For Honor: Guide to the Valkyries [how to use, strategies and tips]

For Honor: Valkyrie attacks, skills and strategies


In this guide we see how to best use one of the heroes in For Honor, the Valkyries, with all their characteristics, secrets, abilities and attacks.

Don't forget to also check out the complete For Honor help sheet for guides on all the other heroes and other helpful tips on this game.

The Valkyries have made a pact with the gods: they will fight and gain glory to bring even those who cannot stand out in battle into Valhalla. They are excellent forerunners and skilled hounds, capable of using spear and shield with incredible effectiveness. They are the chosen warriors from heaven: he hopes never to meet them as adversaries in war.

For Honor: Valkyrie attacks, skills and strategies

For Honor: Valkyrie attacks, skills and strategies
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • They keep enemies at bay
  • Articulated combos
  • Skilled in killing
  • They can attack using the shield


For Honor: Combo List of the Valkyries

Here is the list of combos of the Valkyries in For Honor with the relative keys to press to perform the moves of this Warrior:

Your namePCXB1PS4
Boar Hunter LMB ♦, LMB, LMB RB♦, RB, RB R1 ♦, R1, R1
Thrust and Slash LMB, LMB, RMB RB, RB, RT R1, R1, R2
Harrier’s Fury RMB, LMB, LMB RT, RB, RB R2, R1, R1
Hunter’s Rush (not in Guard Mode) ↑ + RMB LS↓ + RT LS ↓ + R2
Pouncing Thrust ↑ + Space, LMB LS↑ + A, RB LS↑ + X, R1
Hunter’s Strike   LS← or LS→ + A, RB LS← or LS→ + X, R1
Shield Crush RMB, MMB RT, X R2, X
Shield Tackle   LS↓ + A, Hold X LS ↓ + X, hold Square
Sholder Pin   ?, RT ?, R2
Ram’s Headbutt   X ♦, X (Hold) Square ♦, Square (hold)
Spear Sweep   X ♦, X, LS↓ + RT Square ♦, Square, LS ↓ + R2
Shield Crush to Spear Sweep   RT, X ♦, LS↓ + RT R2, Square ♦, LS ↓ + R2


The Valkyries compared to other warriors, PRO and CONS

  • Valkyrie is weak against the Guardians and Kensei
  • Valkyrie is strong against the Orochi and Peacekeepers

Pro: the Valkyrie has a wide range and great ability with her shield that can also be used to stun enemies

  • medium and long range attacks
  • very good at dodging and defending

Against: very strong character but also very difficult to master, you will have to learn all his moves well otherwise you will get little

  • consumes a lot of stamina in attacks


For Honor: special abilities of the Valkyries

Tier 1.

  • Rush – increases the speed for a short period of time
  • Deadly Passive - slightly increased damage on attacks
  • Bounty Hunter – Passiva - increases the speed for a short period of time

Tier 2.

  • Bloodlust – Passive - killing other heroes temporarily boosts attack and defense
  • Bear trap – trap that blocks enemies
  • Juggernaut - you will be slower but you will gain a significant reduction in damage taken

Tier 3.

  • Javelin – casts a javelin dealing moderate damage
  • Fury - increases sprint, attack and defense
  • Sharpen Blade - attacks deal more damage

Tier 4.

  • Scout - all enemies are marked and shown on the radar
  • Fire Flask – reed a bullet with fire effect
  • Regenerate – Passive - regenerates your health when out of combat


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