God of War: Ascension - Trophy List + Secret Trophies [PS3]

God of War: Ascension - Trophy List + Secret Trophies [PS3]


Here is the list of God of War: Ascension Playstation 3 Trophies


Upgrade a spell to the next level
Throw an enemy out of the ring with the club
Tools of the trade
Use all five environmental weapons in combat
Rebuild Cirra's water wheel
Catine blood
Spill 500 buckets of blood on Kratos
He treats the martyr of the centimane badly
Tell me how you feel
Kill 25 enemies using the Wrath of the Gods
Complete Archimedes' Screw without getting hit by the fire traps
Light as a feather
Collect all the Phoenix Feathers
Eye for an eye
Collect all the Eyes of Gorgon
At full power
Fully upgrade Kratos
Complete the slide in the Apollo statue without dying
No, Drake. You can't have these
Collect all game artifacts
If it's not broken
Rebuild all deteriorated chests
Champion of the Gods
Unlock all trophies


God of War: Ascension Secret Trophies

Blood pact
Complete multiplayer training in Olympus
Free Kratos from captivity
Hand down
Defeat Briareus's infected hand
Fling, smash, and charge a grabbed enemy
Solve the puzzle of the steamroller
Mental openness
Win the Juggernaut minigame
Unstoppable bad boy
Perform a 1.000 hit combo
Pelle di serpente
Return to the Delphi tower with the snake
Hot meal
Win the Manticore minigame
Gas leak
Breathe in the toxic gases in the Oracle temple
Stop, please
Slow down 100 enemies with the Ouroboros amulet
Hi friend
Use the Orkos Oath Stone 10 times in combat
Hit 100 enemies with the Orkos Oath Stone
A bite to the hand that feeds you
Defeat Crone and the Centimane
Is there a doctor in the room?
Keep your rage bar full for more than 2 minutes
Defeat Pollux
Women go, friends stay
Survive the Furies ambush
Blind justice
Use the Eyes of Truth successfully
Next time use the stairs
Complete Archimedes' Challenge
Broken bond
Complete the game
Legendary warrior
Complete the game on Hard difficulty

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