Guide infinite souls

    Dark Souls 2 - infinite anime cheats [360-PS3-PC]

    Guide infinite souls


    Here's a nice little trick for soul farming in Dark Souls 2

    Guide infinite souls

    In Dark Souls 2 le "anime" they represent the game currency and will be essential to buy weapons, to repair them, to obtain new spells and much more. In this guide we see a good method to accumulate as many souls as possible.

    To take advantage of this trick you will have to buy these 3 items:

    - Covetous Silver Serpent Ring: Increase earned souls by killing enemies. It will be available from the early stages of the game

    - Jester's Gloves: Increase souls earned by killing enemies. Buy them from the merchant in Forte Ferreo (see also merchant guide)

    - Bonfire Ascetic (ascetic bonfire potion)

    Equip the gloves and the ring, then fast travel to the bonfire in the Dragon's Shrine area. After killing all the enemies in the area, use the Bonfire Ascetic by throwing it into the bonfire. This will level up enemies but will also make them reappear, allowing you to fight again while continuously earning souls. Approximately 14 enemies should appear and each of them will drop 4500 souls, for a total of 60.000 souls per turn.

    Keep repeating the process using the Bonfire Ascetic until the enemies finish reappearing, by which time you should have amassed around 500.000 souls. Then you can always move to another bonfire and start over. The process is shown in the video below.

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