Guide / Solution Boss Great Being Rom

Bloodborne: Guide to Beat the Great Roma Being, Dull Spider [PS4 Boss Walkthrough]


Let's face all the fearsome bosses of Bloodborne one by one: let's see if you really are that dull, Great Roma Being!

Guide / Solution Boss Great Being Rom

The Great Roma Being (for dull spider friends) is the eighth boss of the game. The most important thing to keep in mind for this fight is to invest a lot of skill points in vitality to have as much health as possible. A minimum of 900 in the health stat is almost imperative! If you have, for example, only 650 you will be killed in one hit without even having the chance to heal yourself.

This boss is an enemy who tends to defend himself a lot, guarded by smaller spiders who still manage to inflict serious damage. A good strategy is to run past the little spiders and attack the boss from the side or from behind, the frontal confrontation is to be avoided absolutely.

Try to get his health down as fast as possible, when he has lost a certain amount he will start teleporting, so you will have to move to find him. When he gets up he shoots some meteorites from above, while if he rolls on his back they will come from the ground. Ignore the little spiders and stick it on the sides, if it hits you, move away and restore your health.

I close the guide with some videos that show several good strategies for killing this boss. Remember to consult the Bloodborne cheats and guides tab for other useful guides on this game. Good luck!

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