Guide to enter the Minutemen

Fallout 4: guide to join the Minutemen [PS4 - Xbox ONE - PC]


Let's see how to join one of the factions in Fallout 4!

Guide to enter the Minutemen

Joining the Minutemen faction is quite simple and can be done from the very early stages of the game. At the start of Fallout 4 you will receive among the main quests to head to Diamond City. On the journey to this location, starting from Sanctuary and heading south, you will surely pass through the town of Concord.

Here you will come across a firefight between some marauders and the Minutemen who have barricaded themselves in the Liberty Museum. All you have to do is enter the Museum and help the Minutemen to repel the attack in the mission "When Freedom Calls". Immediately after Preston (the leader of the Minutemen) will decide to move to Sanctuary. Talk to him when he is in Sanctuary for a chance to enter the Minutemen.

As with the other factions, even with the Minutemen faction, after entering, you can complete the optional missions offered by the faction. In most cases, the Minutemen, unlike the other factions, will have nothing to say if you complete missions for other factions as well.

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