Guide to the first mount

How to Get a Free Horse in Dragon Age Inquisition [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


Because a free horse is better than a horse and that's it.

Guide to the first mount

As you well know in Dragon Age Inquisition it is possible to get several horses that will support you during your adventures. The problem is that the mounts in this game are not cheap at all and to get them you will have to be willing to shell out a large amount of gold (by the way, consult the guide to accumulating money in Dragon Age Inquisition).

However, there is a method that will allow you to get your first horse completely free, here's how.

Go to the Hinterlands area and move to the westernmost corner of the map to start the "Master of Horses" quest (you'll find it west of Redcliff Farms). Go up the hill to talk to Dennet, make sure you agree to his terms. Once done, Dennet will deliver the cavallo Ferelden Forder without batting an eye and above all without asking you for money. Take it, it's yours.

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