Guide to unlocking Stealth / Stealth skills

Wolfenstein the New Order Stealth Talent Guide [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]

Guide to unlocking Stealth / Stealth skills


This is the first of a series of guides in which we will see how to unlock all the skills (talents) of Wolfenstein the New Order. Get ready, it will be a long and demanding journey.

Guide to unlocking Stealth / Stealth skills

Before we begin let me point out one general rule that applies to all skills (talents) da sbloccare in Wolfenstein the New Order.

Any of your actions are saved immediately and can be repeated indefinitely by reloading the checkpoint, each time will count in the progress to unlock the various perks. I give an example. To unlock the Stealth 7 feat, you must silently kill 5 Commanders. If you find a point in the game where this killing is easy for you (because for example you find yourself with a commander who has your back to you) then you can kill him, reload the checkpoint and repeat the same action 4 more times, unlocking the ability. without problems. This can be done for ALL talents.

Having made this important premise, let's start with i Stealth Feats.

In the list I will indicate the skill, what you need to do to unlock it and the trophy / achievement you get when you unlock that particular talent.

Important: see the Wolfenstein the New Order cheats and guides tab for other useful guides, such as the guide with all the puzzle codes and many more.

Stealth feat 1 (unlocks "Scout I")

A commander must be silently killed. It will basically come by itself because that's what you'll do in one of the game's tutorials in Chapter 1, when you're in the trenches.

Stealth feat 2 (unlocks "Knife Throw")

5 stealth kills must be performed. You can always do this in Chapter 1, immediately after killing the commander mentioned for the Stealth 1 feat.

Stealth feat 3 (unlocks "Knife Sheath +")

Get 5 stealth kills by throwing daggers. See the stealth talent 4.

Stealth feat 4 (unlocks "Knife Sheath ++")

Get 20 stealth kills by throwing daggers. It won't be difficult and should come by itself over the course of the game. Always remember to use the daggers in the numerous stealth sequences of the levels and above all always remember to recover the daggers you have thrown, because the only real complication could be that of not having enough knives to throw.

Stealth feat 5 (unlocks "Silent Strikes")

Get 10 kills with silenced pistols. In chapter 1 you should find the silencer for the guns (located in the same room as the first letter, follow the letter guide for more help). Making 10 kills won't be difficult.

Stealth feat 6 (unlocks "Vampire")

Get 5 stealth kills with life overload. A good place to do this is at the beginning of Chapter 2. Go down the stairs, crouch and enter the room on the right. Here you will find a +40 medkit that will overwhelm your life. Now go ahead and silently kill the enemy behind you. Now going forward you will find another pack to overload the life, use it and kill the next enemies in the same way. Otherwise reload the checkpoint and repeat 5 times.

Stealth feat 7 (unlocks "Scout II")

Stealth kill 5 commanders. It will not be difficult because you will have the possibility to do it in different points of the game. Don't worry about it because it will come by itself.

Stealth feat 8 (unlocks "Assassin")

Get 50 stealth kills (both melee and weapons) + 5 stealth kills on Kampshunds (armored dogs). As we've seen in previous talents, the 50 stealth kills won't be a problem. As for armored dogs, a good spot to kill 5 of them is in the Deathshead section in Chapter 1. After climbing the wall and pulling the lever a stealth session will begin. Here you can silently kill a sleeping armored dog with your pistol. As suggested at the beginning of the guide, you can reload the checkpoint and repeat 4 more times.

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