Guide to unlocking the Double Barrel Shotgun

Battlefield Hardline: guide to unlocking the Double Barrel Shotgun


Here is one of the most coveted weapons in the game.

Guide to unlocking the Double Barrel Shotgun

Please note: at the moment we only know the original language names of the skills / perks to be obtained, help with the translation is welcome, use the comments below if you want to help us improve the guide.

To get this nice trinket the Enforcer Syndicate Assignment must be completed, the steps to do this are as follows:

  • complete Assignment 2 Enforcer
  • buy 10 armi the gadget per class Enforcer
  • level up to Gold Star 1 (will need 245,000 XP Enforcer)

Once this is done you will have to complete the following challenges:

  • 200 Shotgun and Assault Rifle kills
  • achieve Level 4 Enforcer Reputation in 10 different games (resets every game)
  • get 15 ammo assistance coins (just leave the ammo kits near your teammates)
  • get 15 ballistic shield coins (buy, equip and use the shield in the game, to get the coin you need 100 hits with the shield)

In all the procedure described so far, the most complicated part is certainly the one highlighted in red, that is the Level 4 Enforcer Reputation in 10 games, and it is precisely on this that we will focus now. Look at this image, it's the one that appears at the bottom right of the screen during games:

the squares in the lower right of the image are the ones that highlight the reputation while the bar to their left keeps track of the progress in your current level. Each time you earn enough points to fill the bar you will advance to the next level of reputation, in case of death the bar is reset but the current level is maintained. With each new level it will take more and more points to move on to the next, with levels 3 and 4 requiring an ABSURD amount of points to be unlocked (unless you are a Pro with backstops). Reputation is reset at the end of each game, which is why you need to be able to get to level 4 in ten different games.

How to earn reputation coins
A way to make things easier
is to use the reputation multipliers found in battle packs. I am multipliers of 25%, 50% or 100% that you can take advantage of in the course of the games and that will help you to increase the reputation level faster during the game.

As suggested by Daniele in the comments: "do the mode (I don't remember the name anymore) that requires you to drive around, put the multiplier for reputation. Choose a custom game, a game with 3 or 4 people. Take a vehicle and turn up at which you do not unlock the fourth level of reputation ".

When you have completed this point too, the double barrel shotgun will be yours! Here is also a video (in English) showing the whole thing. Good luck!!

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