Guide Trophies Ni No Kuni The Menace of the Ash Witch

    Guide Trophies Ni No Kuni The Menace of the Ash Witch

    Guide Trophies Ni No Kuni The Menace of the Ash Witch


    Here is the complete solution to unlock all Trophies of Ni No Kuni The Menace of the White Witch. In this guide, the tips from to unlock all achievements and reach Platinum on Playstation 3.


    - Out of this world
    Awarded for casting the Transmundi spell and traveling to another world.
    Result linked to history and impossible to miss.

    - Master of theft
    Awarded for stealing 50 times.
    Once Jairo joins you, you can learn stealing skills.
    Just keep using this power and you will have your result in no time, since during the game you will need a lot of materials and therefore you will have to steal them; however steal everything you have under fire to ensure the result.

    - Globe collector
    Awarded for collecting 2.000 orbs.
    When you hit an enemy or an enemy hits you, it can sometimes happen that they will jump out of the orb; for the result it is necessary to collect 2.000 (globes collected by group members do not count).
    During a fight it is not possible to control your character in attack mode; but if you critically hit the opponent and some orbs come out, cancel the attack so you can run around the field and get the orbs.

    - Friend of the familiar
    Awarded for maximizing a familiar's affinity.
    To unlock this trophy you will need to get to know your familiar thoroughly and all you have to do is feed him the foods you know he likes, in doing so his affection for you will increase; maximize affinity and the result will be yours.

    - Talented breeder
    Awarded for training a familiar to its fullest potential.
    This result is tied to the "Friend of the familiar" result; when you feed a familiar its affection and therefore its level will progressively rise; let him reach the maximum potential to unlock the result.

    - Metamorphosis guru
    Awarded for handling 10 morphs.
    The operation is similar to that of Pokemon; when the familiar has reached a certain level, it is ready to evolve and must be fed a certain item to complete the evolution.
    Almost all familiars have 4 forms: a first form, a second form, and then 2 different morph types (there are a small handful of exceptions but in general they are all the same).
    The evolution from the first to the second form is usually around the 12-17 level and requires a normal drop, the second form is usually around the 28-35 and requires a super drop.
    As soon as 10 different pets evolve you will unlock the achievement.

    - Great familiarizer
    Awarded for taming 20 different species.
    Refer to the "Maximo Familiarizer" result for more help.

    - Good Samaritan
    Awarded for completing 15 different missions.
    Refer to the "Supreme Hunter" result for more help.

    - Capable hunter
    Awarded for completing 10 different bounty hunts.
    Refer to the "Supreme Hunter" result for more help.

    - Little alchemist
    Awarded for creating 10 different items using alchemy.
    Refer to the "Mad Scientist" result for more help.

    - First prize
    Awarded for earning a casino award for the first time.
    You can get a prize by playing in the casino and getting the necessary coins to redeem it; you can earn a lot of coins by making big bets.

    - Guru of melodies
    Awarded for learning all of Esther's melodies.
    Maru will learn all the melodies when he reaches level 65.

    - Gunman
    Awarded for learning all of Arsuino's left-handed throws.
    Jairo will learn all the shots when he reaches level 68.

    - Rain of dorados
    Awarded for accumulating a whopping 500.000 dorados.
    You will get this very easily after the main adventure.
    Don't worry about saving money during the story, as you will spend most of your time penniless.
    When you have finished the adventure you will have nothing left to buy and everything you earn will be used to unlock the result.
    If you have not yet reached the required amount, go back to the final prison (the white castle); In the final stretch of enemies before the boss, there is a rare golden enemy named Suttoko, if you manage to kill him before he escapes you will earn 100.000 dorados. Also check out our guide dedicated to XP and money farming.

    - Great veteran
    Awarded for winning 1.000 battles.
    Win 1000 battles to unlock the achievement.

    - Treasure hunter
    Awarded for finding all hidden treasures.
    Refer to our guide dedicated to all hidden treasures.

    - Globetrotter
    Awarded for setting foot in all isolated regions.
    To achieve this, you must have entered every city, dungeon, forest and cave. Unfortunately it is not possible to get any results while you are continuing the adventure, because there is a small forest south of the starting city that will not open until you complete the game.

    - Master of spells
    Awarded for learning all of Oliver's spells.
    Oliver will learn most of the spells throughout the story, but you can get more from Horace the ghost boy; when you meet him approach and talk to him answering his questions to get more spells. Follow the guide dedicated to Horace's questions to find out where Horace is and what answers to give to his questions, but remember that to unlock this achievement you will have to learn all the spells, not just those of Horace.

    Ni No Kuni Secret Trophies: Threat of the Ashen Witch

    - Single Guardian Challenge
    Awarded for defeating the Guardian of the Forest and bringing it to its senses.
    Result linked to history and impossible to miss.

    - On the high seas
    Awarded for obtaining the Triton.
    Result linked to history and impossible to miss.

    - Hero took off
    Awarded for becoming friends with Tengri.
    Result linked to history and impossible to miss.

    - Wand of wonders
    Awarded for restoring the legendary Tristella Scepter to its former glory.
    Result linked to history and impossible to miss.

    - Stroke of genius
    Awarded for defeating the Black Genie.
    Result linked to history and impossible to miss.

    - Lucky beginner
    Awarded for winning a Pandora Tournament match for the first time.
    Refer to the "Supreme Champion" result for more help.

    - End of the Assizes
    Awarded for freeing the other world from the rule of the Zodiarchs.
    Result linked to history and impossible to miss.

    - Philanthropist of the year
    Awarded for completing 60 different missions.
    Refer to the "Supreme Hunter" result for more help.

    - Supreme Hunter
    Awarded for completing 40 different bounty hunts.
    Refer to the "Superhero" result for more help.

    - Great player
    Awarded for collecting all Memovision tickets by winning big at the casino.
    After completing the Ghost Valley storyline, the casino will be available and you can enter whenever you want.
    After finishing the story a special section (VIP room) will be unlocked and here you will be able to unlock the achievement.
    Tickets are required to enter and all you have to do is buy them; in total there are 4 tickets with a total cost of 75.000 coins.
    I highly recommend that you unlock the "Dorados Rain" result first, so you will not have problems with the amount of the tickets, but above all you do not risk not reaching the amount required by the result.
    Alternatively you can try to get it all with gambling.
    If you are going to play, the best way to do it is to play slot machines. You will need around 3000/5000 coins to start; start playing 10 coins per spin, and keep going until you reach the sum to buy one or more tickets.
    The best way to get cash is to hit a nice 777 jackpot on slots.

    - King of the world
    Awarded for defeating the Guardian of the Worlds.
    Result linked to the final mission, the n ° 131; he is the last and most difficult boss in the game.
    I recommend to face it only after you have reached level 80 (at level 94 the battle lasts 5 minutes on and off) otherwise being able to win the battle will be almost impossible.
    Watch out for its laser, when it prepares to fire it it will lower, charge the shot and launch it all over the battlefield dealing heavy damage. Also consult the solutions available in the Ni No Kuni cheats tab.

    - Maximo familiarizer
    Awarded for taming 250 different species.
    Shortly after the game starts, you will have the opportunity to tame and recruit pets you have defeated in battle. To unlock this Trophy you will need to reach 250 different species, a very very difficult undertaking, so much so that it makes it impossible to make a guide. Good luck.

    - Superhero
    Awarded for collecting all Hero Accolades.

    - Crazy scientist
    Awarded for creating 120 different items using alchemy.
    This result may take some time to complete.
    There are 130 different recipes, plus 4 via DLC.
    When you go near the cauldron to craft items from recipes, you can see the ones that have a picture of the potion instead of others with the question mark.
    However, the recipe will not appear until you have found the pages of it with all the ingredients.
    There are 120 items to create in total, so first search for the page, then the ingredients and finally create the desired item.

    - Supreme champion
    Awarded for becoming the Pandora Tournament Champion.
    When you have reached about halfway through the game (when you reach Samura), you will unlock the League of Pandora, at the Elemental Shrine.
    Talk to the assistant in the back, and you will begin to face a series of encounters of increasing difficulty.
    When you win the first fight, you will unlock the "Lucky Beginner" achievement, obviously go ahead and fight for another 5 matches and the result will be yours.
    In general you shouldn't have many difficulties if your character is of a good level (at level 90 it will be a walk for example), the only battle a little more difficult is the last one.

    - Wizard of magic
    Awarded for becoming a master wizard. Congratulations! You are a true wizard of magic!
    The achievement unlocks after completing all the others, congratulations !!

    Thanks for reading, I hope I have been helpful.
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