Guide Trophy / Achievement "All in one breath"

Guide to complete Alien Isolation without ever dying [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


It won't be easy, but playing him like this ... it's his death!

Guide Trophy / Achievement "All in one breath"

The first and most important piece of advice is only one: always save. This will make it much easier, because if you have fresh bailouts, when you end up in the Alien's clutches or when you find yourself in any other situation where you realize you are about to pass away, you can always pause the game and reload the save. This way no death will be recorded and you can still unlock the achievement.

But be careful, there are some places where death is sudden and you may not have time to pause to reload the save. These are:

1) Being attacked by the Alien hiding in the ventilation ducts. You can always catch it using the detector or by noticing the dripping drool. This will represent a risk especially in the first missions, be very careful.
2) Being attacked by a Facehugger (from mission 14 onwards)
3) Failing to cool the reactor in time (mission 15)
4) Being hit by passing cars (mission 18)

Pay close attention to these points and you will have already done half the work. For everything else, the last resort will be to reload the save. Obviously you will want to avoid this, here are other tips to keep in mind to never die:

- Never run
- Against humans, use the sound call to kill them easily
- Against the Cyborgs use the teaser followed by a melee attack
- Don't waste fuel on the flamethrower. Two taps are enough to put the alien to flight
- Always move carefully, think calmly and avoid acting on impulse will save your life on several occasions.

I close the guide with a video of IGN (in English) that shows how to stay away from the alien and be able to escape them in the most desperate situations. Good luck and good Alien Isolation everyone!

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