Guide Trophy / Objective "Interesting Readings"

Guide to find Velfuoco's rune in Dragon Age Inquisition [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


A precious rune that you must not miss.

Guide Trophy / Objective "Interesting Readings"

This can be achieved from the very beginning of the Hinterlands.

Take the Eastern Crossroads and then slightly north until you come across a human explorer standing next to a fork in the road; continue on passing under an arch, in an area called Road East. A little further east, you'll come across a Dalish wizard fighting a Shade. Attend her, then start a conversation, she will inform you of the possible presence of a relic hidden in the cave behind her. At the entrance to this cave, Solas will have to interact with a pile of rubble (unless you are a wizard) to open the way. Inside, to your left, will be an interactive torch that requires the interaction of a wizard. Again, switch to Solas and use it to create a Velfuoco feather. Before using it, clear the entire area of ​​enemies (anything you do other than movement will make the flashlight fall to the ground).

After taking out all the enemies, interact with the Velfuoco again and go down the stairs at the end of the cavernous structure. When you are in front of the wall facing the stairs, there will be a collapsed part of the building with glowing runes. As you approach, a party member will notice how the runes are reacting to Velfuoco. Interact with the runes to collect a Velfuoco Rune and unlock the achievement.

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