Guide Trophy / Objective "Lysine Contingency? What is it?"

    Lego Jurassic World: Guide to Cure All Dinosaurs [Lysine Contingency? What's this?]

    Guide Trophy / Objective


    Let's save all the dinosaurs in danger.

    Guide Trophy / Objective "Lysine Contingency? What is it?"

    In Lego Jurassic World there are a total of 10 dinosaurs to heal to unlock this achievement, they will be indicated by a red dinosaur icon above on the map. The easiest way to find all the dinosaurs to heal is interact with information kiosks present in each of the islands. In fact, after interacting with an information kiosk, the location of all the events in that area, including the dinosaurs to be healed, will appear on the map, allowing you to find all 10 very easily.

    Some dinosaurs require you to be "activated" before being healed. After having "activated" a dinosaur to heal you will have to find the 3 objects that are usually all in the same area where the dinosaur is. To collect some of these items you will need certain characters / abilities, so I recommend that you wait at least until after finishing the story mode, preferably Free Play, before attempting to heal all the dinosaurs.

    Here is a video showing how to find them and how to cure them all!

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