Halo 4 - How to unlock all the goggles, armor, levels and other unlockables

Halo 4 - How to unlock all the goggles, armor, levels and other unlockables


Halo 4 offers players who dive into the game's multiplayer mode a lot of customization possibilities for their Spartan. As you continue to play and earn Spartan Points (XP) you continue to level up and unlock new pieces of armor, ranks, visor colors and more.

The list below shows all the unlockable items with the action required to unlock them.

Recruit Viewer (Blue): Initial viewer
Solar Visor (Red) - Reach SR-20 level
Frost Visor (White): Reach SR-29 level
Midnight Visor (Black): Reach SR-46 level
Legendary Visor (Gold): Complete the story on the Legendary level (Solo or Co-op).
Blindside Visor (Dark Red): Avenger Master commendation
Visore Cyan (Light Blue) : encomio From the Brink Master
Verdant Visor (Green): Splatter Master commendation
Sunspot viewer (Purple and Blue): Assistant Master commendation

Recruit: initial posture
Heroic: Reach SR-10 level
Assassin: Reach SR-32 level
Last Stand: Reach SR-50 level
Breach : encomio UNSC Weapons Master
Standoff : encomio Covenant Ordnance Master
Believe : encomio Forerunner Ordnance Master
Assault : encomio First Strike Master

Levels / Degrees
Recruit: initial
Warrior: Reach SR-8 level
Air Assault: Reach SR-11 level
Soldier: Reach SR-15 level
Aviator: Reach SR-17 level
Defender: Reach SR-21 level
Recon: Reach SR-26 level
EVA: Reach SR-27 level
Warmaster: Reach SR-37 level
Scout: Reach SR-38 level
Orbital: Reach SR-41 level
Infiltrator: Reach SR-42 level
Hazop: Reach SR-43 level
EOD: Reach SR-45 level
Oceanic: Reach SR-47 level
Enforcer: Reach SR-50 level

Set Armature
Air Assault - Reach SR-11 level
Aviator - Reach SR-17 level
Aviator B.O.N.D. – encomio Wheelman – Master
IOC - commendation Spartan Slayer - Master
Commando - commendation Dominion Victory - Master
Defender - Reach SR-21 level
Defender CTRL – encomio Bullet in the Brain – Master
EOD - reach SR-45 level
EVA - reach SR-27 level
EVA BRCH - Hail of Death commendation - Master
Enforcer - reach SR-50 level
Enforcer TRBL – encomio Mounted Turret – Master
Engineer - Earns all 10 levels of the Engineer Specialization
Gungnir – encomio Slayer Victory – Master
Hazop - reach SR-43 level
Infiltrator - Reach SR-42 level
TRAC Infiltrator - Multikill Commendation - Master
Mark VI - Complete the Campaign on Legendary difficulty (or co-op only)
Oceanic - reach SR-47 level
Operator - Earn all 10 levels of the Operator specialization
Orbital - reach SR-41 level
Pathfinder - Earn all 10 levels of the Pathfinder specialization
Pioneer - Earn all 10 levels of the Pioneer Specialization
Protector – encomio UNSC Loadout – Master
Ranger – encomio Combat Opportunity – Master
Ranger STRK - encomio Protector - Master
Recon - Reach SR-26 level
Recruit - starter set
Rogue - Earn all 10 levels of the Rogue Specialization
Scout - Reach SR-38 level
Soldier - Reach SR-15 level
Soldier ZNTH – encomio Spartan Spree – Master
Stalker - Earn all 10 levels of the Stalker specialization
Tracker - Earn all 10 levels of the Tracker specialization
Vanguard – encomio Flag Victory – Master
Venator - Commendation Assassin - Master
War Master - Reach SR-37 level
Warrior - reach SR-8 level
Wetwork - Earn all 10 levels of the Wetwork specialization

Exclusive armor sets
Fotus - included in the Limited Edition console bundle
Raider - unlocks in Halo: Waypoint (follow the guide)
Scanner - with the Halo 4 Limited Edition Console
Strider - with the Halo 4 Limited Edition Console

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