Halo 4 - Skull Guide

Halo 4 - Skull Guide


Unlike other chapters in the series, in Halo 4 we don't have to worry about unlock skulls because these are all available immediately in the game menu.

By activating the skulls we will add modifiers to the gameplay that make the game more difficult, and if you are willing to unlock the Objective too

Skull library - Complete any campaign mission with 3 or more skulls on Heroic difficulty or higher.

you will have to activate 3 different ones and complete a mission at the indicated difficulty.

In Halo 4 there are 13 skulls in total. Some are new, while others come from previous chapters, here is the complete list with the relative effects produced:

1. “Black Eye”: The shield only recharges if you hit an enemy with a melee attack
2. “Blind”: HUD, weapon and arms are not seen
3. “Catch”: enemies are "grenade happy!"
4. “Cloud”: motion sensor disabled
5. “Cowbell”: acceleration of explosions increased
6. “Famine”: Weapons drop less ammo
7. “Grunt Birthday Party”: headshot su di un Grunt, HAPPY BOOM TIME!
8. "Iron": Co-op: When you die you go back to the checkpoint - Solo: When you die you restart the mission
9. "IWHBYD": "Rare" combat dialogues become more frequent
10. “Mythic”: Enemy life increased
11. “Thunderstorm”: Enemy ability increased
12. “Tilt”: enemy resistance increased
13. “Tough Luck”: Enemies always dive, dodge and never flee

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