Here are 10 songs awaiting Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy

Here are 10 songs awaiting Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy

There are only a few days left to one of the most beautiful and important events for all Final Fantasy fans. 23 March 2019 and 24 March 2019 in fact, the new series of symphonic concerts will be held Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy. 

Born to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the most famous RPG saga of all time, this event has already reached its fifth appointment and they really are many audio tracks were performed in a masterly way by the symphony orchestra conducted by maestro Arnie Roth. Just to celebrate this new concert we at Resources4Gaming wanted to compile a list of ten songs we liked the most from all Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy, accompanied by videos and a small description of the places and events in which these melodies are reproduced.

Also below you can find some of the melodies that you will be able to hear in this in this new appointment Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy:

  • FINAL FANTASY VII: Opening - Bombing Mission
  • FINAL FANTASY VII: Aerith's Theme
  • FINAL FANTASY VIII: Don't be Afraid
  • FINAL FANTASY X: Zanarkand
  • FINAL FANTASY XV: Ignis and Raves - Theme Medley
  • FINAL FANTASY VIII: Fisherman's Horizon
  • FINAL FANTASY XIII: Fang's Theme
  • FINAL FANTASY XV: Apocalypsis Noctis

If you are interested, you can find tickets for Milan and Rome at this link.

Aerith's Theme

Let's start with one of the best songs from the entire Soundtrack of Final Fantasy VII. This track contains elements taken from Aria di Mezzo Characters, music present in Final Fantasy VI. Inside the game you can hear this exciting musical theme in three different places: a first time during Elmyra Gainsborough's flashback, a second time during the fight against Jenova LIFE, and a last time when Cloud and his companions remember Aerith's sacrifice before venturing into the Northern Cave. Arrangements from the same track can then be found within Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII.

Dear Friends

Let's take a step back in time and go back to Final Fantasy V. Dear Friends is perhaps the most important song in the Final Fantasy V soundtrack, so much so that it gives its name to the album of musical arrangements dedicated to the game. Within Final Fantasy V you can hear this delightful track during the final sequence of the game when the party leaves the Interdimensional Rift.

Don't Be Afraid

We are now inside Final Fantasy VIII. Don't Be Afraid is definitely the audio track that players have listened to the most in this chapter: indeed it is the music that accompanies almost all of the random fights. Characterized by a 5/4 rhythm, it refers to military marches using instruments such as the horn and percussion.

Vamo 'Alla Flamenco

Let's go now to Final Fantasy IX with Vamo 'Alla Flamenco. The main theme of this song is Madness, one of the oldest melodies of European music and, within it, we can find the chord progression of La Malagueña, a famous musical theme for flamenco guitar. Players can hear this delightful track during the minigame that sees Blank and Zidane face off with swords during the play. You can also listen to this music during the Water, Fire, Fire minigame! with the Chocobo.

Not alone

Always staying within Final Fantasy IX we continue the track list we would like to hear with Not Alone, one of the most popular themes among Final Fantasy fans. Players can listen to this track during one of the game's highlights, that is when Zidane and his friends are inside the Pandemonium, the fortress of Garland. Here the protagonist, after discovering a shocking truth, orders his friends to leave him alone, but they continue to help him in his battles. Hence the name of the track, Not Alone.

Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII

Let's go back to once again Final Fantasy VII. Those who have lived the Final Fantasy saga since its inception, certainly cannot forget this music. In fact, with his notes he cradles all the players who are preparing to play Final Fantasy VII: this trace can in fact be heard during all movements on the world map before the appearance of the meteorite. In addition, variations of this melody are repeated during many other events in this title. The more experienced will then remember that by playing these notes with the piano present in the city of Nibelheim it is possible to obtain the final Limit Break of Tifa.

To Zanarkand

We now move to Final Fantasy X going to listen to one of the best songs, as well as the main melody of the game, To Zanarkand. Players can hear this music for the first time during the opening, which shows Tidus and the others on the Zanarkand ruins as they prepare for the final leg of their pilgrimage. Some rearrangements of this musical theme are then present in many other phases of the game.

Kiss Me Goodbye

Let's take a little leap forward and get to Final Fantasy XII. Kiss Me Goodbye is the only song written exclusively for this title by Nobuo Uematsu and performed by Angela Aki. Players can hear this beautiful song in the game's finale, and while the lyrics don't allude directly to the plot, its tone is perfectly suited to the image painted in the conclusion of this work.

Terra's Theme

Let's go back to 16-bit consoles once again with F. Terra's Theme is there melody dedicated to Terra Branford, as well as the main theme of the game. Being the main melody players can find it in many other parts of the story and various arrangements of this music are present throughout the game.

Apocalypsis Noctis

So we come to the last chapter of the canonical saga, Final Fantasy XV. Apocalypsis Noctis is a very beautiful song characterized by a powerful chant in Latin. Players can listen to it during the battle against Titan and you can also listen to it too in the credits after the camp interlude.

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